oh crap - glassing issue.... HUGE glassing issue

so i just glassed a 9’0" big rick fatty floater (new longboard) for a friend and had to leave shortly after lamination to go on a date then work…

well, when i woke up the next morning, i woke up to the most horrible delamination EVER!

a CRAP load of small air pockets from nose to tail…

i don’t know what to do… i put 2.5~3cc of catalyst in my resin and laminated at around 400pm in the afternoon here in FL which is still hot n muggy.

there were no air pockets when i left it and everything was fine later that evening when i called up the house for someone to check up on the board.

what should i do?.. anything other than buy a new blank?

i took some pictures to show

are the pictures loaded? i might have done that wrong


Hey rick the problem is that you kicked your resin to slow. the resin actually soaked into the foam before it could harden in the glass. I’m up here in jax and with the temps here im kicking a 53oz bucket at about 10-12cc and would never kick anything less than 8cc. Also it looks like you put some pigment into your resin also. Pigment also slows down the harding process and you have to actually add more catlyst to get it to kick right. I think you might be able to save it though. 1st try to thin out some lam resin with styrene and use a hard squegee to hit all the dry spots-josh

Hotcoat it and try and sand out as much as possible. Whatever holes remain, fill these with a cabosil mixture and resand. Repeat this as necessary. Relam the side using a color layer and cutlaps to cover up the mess. Swirls hide everything. Since the lam is now over glass, you won’t have the soaking-in problem but still mix the correct ratio as Josh recommends.

Man that sucks. This worries me because I am getting ready to glass my first board in South Florida, and it’s way humid. Is there any sources out there someone can lead me to that will help us add the humidity factor into fiberglassing?

don’t be affraid of anything when it comes to glassing…

just don’t use too much catalyst

if youre going to make the same mistake i did by under shooting the amount of catalyst, be sure to do a cheater coat…

all youre doing is producing a second batch of resin, less than the original amount, and ya shoot it with a lil more catalyst than the normal amount for that batch of resin. just squeegee it in to the board atop of the laminate

It’s just a surfboard…ride it…make the next one better…

Move on…

good call

Take a stiff bristle brush and stipple it in with resin meaning lay the resin on and jab it in with the tips of the bristles, try some small test spots. It works for me, what blank is it ?

it was a 9’2" safari blank

i bought the blank about a year+ ago?

its been that long… the boards outline is based after a board i ended up shaping for a neighbor a few years back but he decided to back out after i purchased and shaped the blank.

friend of mine rode it and thought it was one of the best boards he had ever ridden even though it looks kind of like frankenboard

full rails… i mean, really full rails, hull like round tail with a double to single V concave, concave in the nose that will hold up my rather large gluteus maximus.

board rides great… a little hard to turn which means you can’t just do a little leaning and get the board to turn… ya really gotta work the board… but its truly a fun ride

anyone wanna meet up for a surf in the CB area tomorrow or sunday? test out the fatty floater?

Howzit bigrick, can you say a lot more catalyst. How much resin did you use I know you have high humidity but we do to here on Kauai. Get your self a hygrometer (measures humidity in air by %). You’ll figure it out eventually by keeping records of the the humidity, temps, and amounts of catalyst. But 2.5 -3 cc’s of cat doesn’t hardly kick even a little resin. Aloha,Kokua


thank you for the advice. i will take everything that everyone is saying into consideration. i am not one to turn down help and advice.

i used a LOT of resin…

i shot the bottom with a cheater coat and it almost never fired off even though i had a but load of catalyst in the small cheater coat.

how much resin should i use when i do my hot coat? i’m always really up in the air about that

Howzit bigrick, be on the safe side,use about 22 oz resin and 5cc SA and 16 cc’s catalyst, get it on the board and work it fast and get away, i love the fact you are using poly.Aloha, Kokua

PS may seem like a lot of resin but that’s ok

sorry for the bump, but i wanted to say thank you kokua!
i hot coated both sides and have to drop the fin box and go…

i am going to buy myself a blank here real soon and shape a board for myself

will post pics

Moral of this story? Never shoot any resin when you don’t have the time to babysit it if necessary. This kind of stuff has happened to me more than once before I got a clue. In the ding world I was forced to because sometimes with thicker cabosil jobs I may have to sit there blowing a fan on it to keep it from overheating. If I left after putting it on I’d worry about a possible fire or sumpin’…

so true

i had done ding repair for quite some time before i EVER picked up a blank and planer

eight years… i have had to sit and pretty much “watch paint dry” for the most part and it sucks…

i haven’t ever really left anything like this before i have got side tracked by reading post from here after a lamination (came inside to check one thing, eight hours later… oh crap, my board!) and found a few air pockets on the laps but thats just about it…

when this happened, i almost shit a brick cause i didn’t know what to do…

i am paying more attention to detail now and have the time for it… FINALLY

i will post more when i get to shaping more boards or finish off some that i shaped a while back

big rick