Oh oh... what just happened!?


I’ve been lurking here for some time now, mainly because I wanted to build my own (SUP) board. So I shaped it out of EPS200 and it came out just perfect. For a first timer…

I build some boards with epoxy in the 90s so I’m not totally clueless. Sort of…

Yesterday I installed my FCS Fusison boxes (4, it’s a quad). 

Today I started glassing 2 layers of 160 grams/m2 and it was kind of a hussle. The cloth tented like crazy on the boxes, so I had to pay a lot of attention to those. I wetted out my cloth just fine, did the laps with the brush and let it saturate while chasing bubbles…

When I lapped the rails, the glass was totally clear, both layers but the resin started to gel a bit. So I hurried, finished the laps which went pretty smooth.

Next thing you know… This!!

It looks like the glass didn’t stick to the foam completely… Was it too dry? Is this just optical or will the board fail because of this? I’m waiting for the lam to cure so I can flip and do the deck…


The pic didnt load… maybe this time…

[img_assist|nid=1067495|title=Strange freelap epoxy|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]

looks like it was too dry to me.  Probably soaked into the foam.  You may be able to make it work - try adding a little glue on the dryest spot and see how it goes - the good thing about epoxy is you can add to it…  The sooner you try the better.

sealing blank first falls on deaf ears

sealing blank first falls on deaf ears”

Ain’t that the truth…


Yeah… Sealing the blank completely slipped my mind[img_assist|nid=1067499|title=Ready for hotcoat|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]. So I just finished glassing the deck after applying a liberal coat on the rails. Seems to help a bit, but oh well. Next time I seal. Thanks.

Don’t know what happened to the pic, but here[img_assist|nid=1067499|title=Ready for hotcoat|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480] goes again

If it was a SUP blank, it was most likely billet foam? Gotta seal that stuff.

I also paint the rails with resin FIRST, then work the flats, then wet and tuck the laps. Helps get complete saturation with minimal waste.

Thanks NJsurfer, that’s what I did with the decklam, more in a trying-to-fix-er kinda way. Worked great though.

And yeah, the blank is hotwired out of a billet. Should have sealed. But turned out a sloppy glassjob anyway. Pulled the glass to hard, so my laps got outtawack. I had a steep learningcurve so to speak.

And it aint over yet. I’ll just say it has character, ha!



My last (and first) board was a mess. Long story. Good sanding, a crisp pinline and amfew coats of krylon clear and everyone thinks it came off the shelf of a shop. From a few feet away at least. I got discouraged and really blew off the hotcoat, sanding gloss etc and it still came out LOOKING good. Why it doesnt ride like i want it to is a different story. Dont get discouraged. Your boards fine. I looked closely at a Glenn Pang i have and saw missing foam chunks filled with resin, and hes a master. You can save the looks. Dont get discouraged. If its a solid shape itll ride great and look ok. 


Plus i also think one layer lamming is EASY two is tough and two with a deck patch is really tough to do at once.  For me anyway. With poly. If its eps and you did 2 layers on the bottom and 3 on top thats not an easy task. If youre on Oahu come look at my mess. Itll make you feel better. 


The silver lining- I achieved my goal which was simple - LEARN A LOT.  Thats all i set out to do. Shaping a magic board woulda been great. But at least i know a hundred things NOT to do now and thats worth money. 



Thank you Jaevee. That sums it all up. Too bad I’m not on Oahu.

No worries. Im going to do a build thread one of these days and admit every little mistake. Its good for my ego. 

So I just fixed some bubbles around the finboxes with the sirynge (sp?) and some epoxy. Worked really well.

Tried to fix a small dry patch at the tail and behold: a really big dry patch running along the tail lap started filling up… there was a small connection between the two. So I drilled another hole to let the air escape and it filled out completely. Doesn’t show at all… almost.:wink:

With (more than) a little time and patience I think I can fix most of the dry stuff on the rails. It will definitely look better than it does now. I hope.

Fingers crossed and a big thanx for the feedback.