Oh the possibilities of skimboarding (Pics)




talk about being able to ride unique conditions

great shots “ratty” !!

I bet those guys, plus the water photog guy, got SMASHED !!!

…keep 'em coming mate !!


the rides can be a bit brutal, but its is a lot of fun. Riding sidewash is the best.


Great pics!

Just goes to show that fins are crutches. How many crutches do you need? …even a crippled person only needs two.

Its amazing what those guys can do considering they have no fins. I once saw a video of guys skimboarding at the Wedge that totally blew my mind, deep barrels and so much speed.

When I was a grom(along time ago) I would surf the Point at the Lane on a marine plywood paipo with no fins. That thing would plane acrossed a wave face like it was on rails with so much blazing speed I almost always beat the sections. I could take off deeper than everyone else and still make the wave. Pissed alot of people off though.