Ohare boards

Just saw a cool shape on ebay but didn’t recognize the name. Ohare boards out of Fl. The board needs some major TLC.

Anyone know anything about them?

Pat O'Hare was one of the first Brevard County shapers, very early 60s. I barely know him, but there's some others on here that can give more info. Dennis O also did some amazing work. Pat's son Sean is a contemporary (and friend) of the Slaters, and also the local historian.

Is this a vintage board or a newer one?

Pat O’hare is still shaping really nice boards in Cocoa Beach, down around 13th street.

I posted a thread on his son Sean’s forum, he should be able to get you more info. If you can post a pic he’ll probably be able to give you more specific details on the particular board.


For a short time in the mid 60s, O’Hare was a Greg Noll licensee. Producing East coast built boards under the Noll label.

While this photo is simply labeled “Ohares66”  in my files, I’m pretty certain it is Pat and Dennis, sharing a wave.

Thats Pat on the left



http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=H8OsgFZ3kjMC&pg=PA75&lpg=PA75&dq=pat+o'hare+noll&source=bl&ots=hr4CMfN9jG&sig=yNAVaz7PL7v2xlPR8FJiShx6EXs&hl=en&ei=yzp-S_eSG6D40wSyiNydDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CAYQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=pat%20o'hare%20noll&f=false  extract from GregNoll:art of the surfboard

Pat is a humble man who shapes exquisite boards

Here's the link to the auction. It's description puts it into the 60's.


It would be a cool restoration project board. The price is a little steep though.

pat does have some awesome shapes and once offered to take me under his wing to shape… but i had no time working three jobs and going to school


$500 for that board seems a little pricey that but if you can spend the money, go for it.

Pat O’Hare is a really good shaper that is currently shaping at ocean sports world. if i ever have the money, i would get him to shape a board for me… in fact, i would get all of my current shapes made by him

My first board in the early 60's was an Ohare. He had a shop on Manatee Ln  just across the road from where I grew up on Surf Dr in Cocoa Beach. My older brother reminded me about a label called "James and Ohare" does any one know about that one? maybe before it was just Ohare.

No one used the term longboard back then. They were just boards


I've heard that O'hare had the first surf shop in Brevard County, but again, I wasn't here then.