Ok..here is my situation.

Im in Sumter South Carolina. I plan on doing surfboard making as a hobby for now, and maybe eventually a business - its been a blast thus far. Thing is…I need resin. I have no idea where to get it or what else I need for the hotcoat etc. I have some UV Catylyst that I ordered from fiberglass supply. I just got a feeling Im going about this all wrong. HELP! Can I get resin at the local Lowes? What about the stuff for the hot coat?

U S Fiberglass in N.C, will have what you need plus a whole lot more. Hot coat is lam resin that has a wax additive (sanding agent) added to it that enables you to sand and smooth the resin. You can buy hot coat resin pre mixed or you can add the sanding agent yourself. I prefer to mix my own.

Well…will they have the resin specifically for surfboards? or what? Im wanting to make a board for myself, but I want this board to look good too as I plan to make boards for other people as well.

Fiberglass Hawaii, based in Santa Cruz. Great place. Have anything you could ever want. http://www.fiberglasshawaii.com/ They sell Lam resin pre-mixed with the UV catalyst. No worries about anything. About he same price as normal resin maybe a few dollars more. They also sell hot coat with the UZ catalyst pre-mixed if you want to go that route. You’ll pay a hazardous shipping fee for each order, (around $25 per shipment) so order a lot of it at once and the cost is minimal.

Take a long weekend and drive down to florida to catch some warm surf. Stop by Surf Source in Jacksonville or Atlantic surf materials and Fiberglass Supply and Clark Foam all in Melbourne. Make sure to go to the stores on a weekday, because they aren’t open on sat/sun. Or call on the phone and order it and they will ship it to you but that is no fun because you certainly aren’t catching any waves in Sumter. http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw

Sorry - not Fiberglass Supply - it is Fiberglass Florida http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw

WHOA WHAT A COINCIDENCE! Grasshopper surfboards, the used blank I was givin had stars all over it and “GH” and “Grasshopper surfboards” written all over it :x I have everything being sent to me that I ordered from fiberglass supply at the end of the week. I just need resin and the stuff for the hot coat. And anything else I’ll need

that is funny. a couple years ago, a kid wanted a blank and i had an extra one laying around that had been used for some stencil testing…the paint is on the crust though, which has to come off anyways. Another one of my friends wanted me to show him the ropes in the shaping room so i ordered him a blank and he never came out to shape it, then i left the country for a while, so i gave it to him. A few years later, it is still sitting in his room untouched. I always offer to shape it for him or for him to come by and ill help him but to no avail… Good luck and have fun! http://groups.msn.com/thegrasshoppersurfboard/shoebox.msnw

WAs this in Charleston? I think the blank was passed on to me. Bunch of stencils, green rails stenciled on - and stars everywhere. Its now a shaped performance stick with a fish tail, just waiting to be glassed if I can ever figure it out [frown]