Old Bing ad w/ D. Brewer

Hey, does anyone remember an old Bing Surfboard ad with Dick Brewer and a highly polished Skil 100? If interested, there is a similar looking, polished Skil on ebay. Kinda expensive, but, impressive.

Geez, what a beauty:

Almost hate to use it.

Here’s a shot I took of RB mowing foam with his Skil 100 from about four months ago:

Here’s the planner at rest:

Here’s an old Hang Ten ad with RB:

Here’s the ad hoggatg is talking about (I’m pretty sure).

May 1968 issue of Surfer Mag

I seem to remember an ad featuring a gold anodized Skill. I can’t place what company it was for, but I think Brewer had something to do with it.

Yep. That’s it. Thanks for posting.