Old blanks

I just got two 7’ blanks that look like they were left in a mulch pile since 85.

(bought them for $5 each at a flea market)

They’re dirty, but after lightly skinning the bottom the foam looks pretty good.

So, do blanks “go bad” after a certain age? I’m guessing these are from the 80’s judging from the nose rocker and level of filth.


time to get dusty ! mow into them and find out how they look whats the worst that can happen for 5 bucks?

I guess the real question is are they dead? If I glass them up are they going to feel like my beaten old 5’10" Schroff? (Slow and no flex memory left)

After I skinned the bottom of one the foam looked pretty good other than a little yellow. The stringer looked a little dried out but not too bad.

If there aren’t any know issues with old foam, it’s time for some experimentation.

Thanks man

I guess what I would suggest is make a “new” beater board. buy the $20 can of resin and $5 can of hardener from home depot. shape it, glass it w/ home depot resin, then surf the hell out of it/let your friends use it. the only reason the home depot stuff isnt used is because of the horrible color. but you can make a $50 board and have fun w/ it. (or at least thats what I would do)

That’s what I’m talking about!

Excellent call. I can take a shot a carving a fish!

Thanks Scott.

Post pics when you’re done. I really want to see how it turns out. i suggest though only making 1 beater. if it turns out to be excellent foam, then make the 2nd one w/ more care and precision. (not that im saying dont make the first one w/ care and precision). Have fun w/ it and experiment. as far as fins go, just make some out of acrylic and glass them in (avoid huge fin cost and get a chance to experiment w/ fins)