Old board, flat spell, gonna fix it- help!

This old Country Surfboard made by the late Jim Turnbull, may look totally hammered, and at 1st when I took it out of its original board sock, I never thought I would want anything  to do with it. Then after a few weeks, I decided to really get an eyeball and hands on it to check it out. It’s shaped so perfect! I sighted down the rails and the rocker and thickness would make this a really fun cruiser. As ugly as she is, hardly any delam. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to re color, restore etc. I want to keep it as is, just make it watertight. It’s rough, the cloth is exposed in alot of places, lots of dings, etc. How would I go about sealing it up after I do the repairs? The board is still very rigid, don’t need a full re-glass I think. Guys, what would you do?

9’ 8" x 3 1/4 + thick. Fin is still strong and attached 100% to the board…

Serious mojo! And some serious water time logged on this old Turnbull! 

If you want to keep the original patina then just go ahead and fix those dings and sand the whole board with 120 or 150 grit. You might even have to go with a lower grit since it’s old super hard resin that probably won’t sand too easily. Once you have everything leveled out and pretty close to the cloth, go ahead and hot coat the board. Sand it as you would a regular hot coat and you’re good to go. Hope it’s fun. Keep us posted!

Perfect wall hanger for an outside patio....Big Pork grilling party....or Beef ribs with a little fish on the side........make sure to add some veggies....

Keep it, love it, make a template....but do not strip it or try to restore it....it's a real war hero....This surfboard needs to keep her scars....Loud and proud! Hug your surfboard.

Buy a blank....restore the magic by making a copy!.....Re-live the magic...shape it in your backyard.....learn to glass with Sway's bros....Have one of the guys make you a fin.....glass it on........Share the Stoke!


Agreed. Do not “Brawnerize” that board. Fix the dings and sand it really well, then add a hotcoat and ride it!

A wise man named Alan Seymour once told me that old boards need to tell their “story” and should not be cosmetically disguised. I’m of the same mind.