Old Esky Lidders headin down under

Arriving Sydney and headin north on the 19th.  Hear they got some right points somewhere along there. Hope the locals are kind to arthritic Senior Citizens, who gave up trying to act young, long ago.

Roger and Saf


i thought you two were headed to africa. my mistake.nonetheless, have fun!!! lucky dog…

Going back to Africa in mid June. I forgot my 8-8 mini gun down there....so I gotta go get it.

Oh yeah, being that I must return, I had Mikey Meyer build a proper Super Tubes rocket.


shoot…good on ya! did you really “forget” your 8’8" (wether you did or not it sounds like a darn good excuse!) can i be a stowaway???

hi proneman !

…here’s some homework for you to study , before you go , I hope it helps you enjoy your stay here a bit more …

cheers ,


oh …one last thing ,

try NOT to call everyone “duuuuude” …that should make things a little easier for you , and us !

Hi John,

Was that you modeling for that postcard?