Old git finally gets off his longboard

Thought I’d put this up and say thanks to Sways and its denizens, I may not have got far but without this site I’d never have got started.

The old infused kevlar longboard is still fine, a bit battle scarred but goes good. Have been desperate for one final effort to get onto something shorter and this is what I came up with. The picture is test day (yeah it looks a bit flat but it perked up), it also happens to be father’s day and it was wonderful. Very disconcerting missing 3’ in front but it paddles well and seems to work, but what would I know?

Having found that I could at least stand up things were looking good. Wow! can even execute some turns although I’m never too sure in what direction I’m about to go until the board decides for me!

Lots of fins so we can try different set-ups, any suggestions welcome.

Tomorrow the local break should be good, big westerlies are always interesting, give it a real test.

Anyway, great advice and enthusiasm always found here, many thanks.


sounds good rik! almost reminds me of the alice cooper song… schools out for summer!

cant see the pics tho.


Photo now there, hell that was a battle!

very very nice!

Very nice!

Whats the dimensions?

And i’m guessing that not infused as well!

A tinted cut-lap would be quite am infusion feat :slight_smile:


Ah rats, now you have set me a challenge that will just HAVE to be met!

Dimensions tomorrow, the wine has finally kicked-in, time for bed!!


Nice shape mate, looks like a nice day, and nice spot too.

Nice board Richard, what was the construction method ? I have lots of quad fins to try in it and even a 5 fin setup if you eventually make it over here

nice looking board rik -

I’ll look out for you at freshie…five rudders eh? I think I’ll spot you!

Thanks for the various messages, yeah it seems to do the job. Big and windy last night at the local break, not to mention the crowds. Seems to go well although compared to the long board it is difficult to control when the waveface is choppy, that’s down to lack of expertise (so my son tells me and he obviously thinks he knows!) and the light weight and volume. I think I understand the term “corky” now.


6’4", 11" at the tail, 21.5" at widest (about 3" forward of centre) and 17" (12" back from nose) and here’s the give away on the volume, 3" thick in middle!

What the hell are all those fins doing? I’ve no idea except I found it tended to stall at the top of a turn and wonder if that central fin is a hinderance with the quad setup or maybe I’d be better off with a thruster style?

What think the pundits?

Working on infused cutlaps for the next one!

If you’re out at Fresh come and visit me floundering around like a beached turtle!!



Hi Burnsie

Homblown blank, glass / epoxy with a polyester gloss tint on deck and rails. It may well chip off but have been advised that it could work. Much of my life is an experiment!

Still hoping to get over to Ireland for some surfing instead of the usual boatbuilding trips, maybe this summer. Thanks for the offer.



fun looking board. I’m curious about the 5 fin set up. I just finished mine. I go t all my placement numbers from Greg Griffin. Your center looks forward of the side trailers. That’s something I’ve never seen before.

Remember, when surfing a small board it helps to keep a low center of gravity (ie lower stance). A little different than longboarding. As long as you don’t flap your wings too much you’ll still look cool.

Keep up the good work.

OK there’s a story to the fin placements. This is what us keen amateurs do occasionally…

Shaped the blank and spent 3 zillion hours on Sways looking at fin placement advice. Made my decision and using the fins supplied made pencil marks at the forward and aft points of the fins. Staggering accuracy was employed!!

I then left the blank for a few weeks as work took over.

Glassed it. Left in for a week or two.

Put the colour on and left it a few days.

Took it to work for finishing in the workshop.

Put the bit in the drill and whilst talking to some students (who, like all good students, think I’m God and can do no wrong), placed the bit on a pencil mark and let rip! You see the mistake obviously. The hole is about 1.5" too far aft. What to do? Should have filled the hole, repaired the glass and done it properly.

Trouble was that there was a nice swell heading in and I wanted to get it finished so just went ahead putting all the side fins 1.5" further back than planned!!!

So the best thing to do now is take that centre fin out I suppose?

Would REALLY appreciate some suggestions that don’t make me like a complete f***wit and that might make the board better!

If there is a next time I promise to concentrate harder!!

What were your fin positions?




Where are the pics of the waves and you surfing them??

Then we can answer your question…s…