Old Hansen Board - anyone have info on it?

I came across this old Hansen about a year ago. I had the photos of it with me at Sacred Craft but couldn't get away from my booth to have the "antiques roadshow" take a look at it.

It belonged to my girlfriends uncle. He thinks he got it 1968-1969. He ordered it from Hansen in CA and had it shipped to Rhode Island. The board is in really good shape for its age. It has been tucked in the back of a closet for almost 40 years. No real dings that I can see on, although I haven't taken off the wax still.

If anyone has any info on it I would love to know more.



too bad , don hansen was at the show!   that was typical of late 69-70 twin fins that were all over the east coast --hobie / hansen/ bing all had a model like that.  they really liked to spin out in steep waves !     Is it one of the hansen hollows? (i think you would have mentioned that).    clean it, polish it and hang it in the shop…blast from the past when design was changing so fast your head would spin!


Can’t be 68/69. More like 1971. Maybe late '70.   Looks like Guidance System fins. That style of twin fin was short lived. Roughly 71-73.

Probably bought through Will Jacobs Surf Shop. He was the Hansen dealer in RI at the time.

Clean it up and ride it. Still has both fins and looks relatively solid. You’ll understand why that shape wasn’t around long, if you do ride it!

Yeah, I saw that Don Hansen was there, it would have been great if I could have brought the board- but flying across country with 2 board bags packed full of boards and display stuff limits what I can take. 

I had thought the 1969 date of purchase was a little off based on the shape and fin system. 

I can imagine the tail sliding out as it is so thick. I’ll clean off the old wax and give it a nice polish.