Old Longboard Restoration (Australia)

If there are any people from Oz writing on this board, do any of you guys know of a good longboard restorer in QLD. I just picked up a good one, just needs a few dings in the nose rail fixed.

Saw a Bing that Al Colk had restored at the Malfunction at Kirra on the weekend. Did a nice job if you like the board to look new again. The value of the boards is not maintained by doing this even though it look better though. To keep the value of the board at its max, you seem best to not remove any glass layers and just reglass any areas that are required for strength only, nose, tail, rails etc. They then just seal it with filling resin (if needed) and then just gloss it over. Daryl Barnett at Retro Grove, Coolangatta will piont you in the right direction as well. I’d call Daryl first. Daryl Barnett- 07 5599 3952 Al Colk -07 5536 3232, .tubetime.com.au, Keep it real!