old resin?

i just bought 2 five gallon buckets of polyester resin

lam and sanding resin but both have about 2 gallons left

it probably just sat for about a month after it was used.

when i was pouring the resin into another container i noticed some tiny semi-solid pieces of resin

i was thinking i could strain the little pieces out?

is the resin bad or still fine?

if it sat uncovered for a period of time all the styrene has probably evaporated and catalyzation could be a crap shoot.

id suggest getting new resin.

Have’nt used poly for a long time but,

Was it in both or just the sanding resin. If only the sanding resin then it could just the wax comeing out of solution, try heating it a little and see if it disappears, you could also add a little styrene.

test a small pannle/cup see how it sets up.

From memory if its turned brownish or smells of armonds then its off.

Howzit tube_rider, By any chance is it UV resin? UV resin has a tendency to get chunks around the inside of the pouring spout since it is clear and exposed to UV rays. You should always strain your resin before using. How is the viscosity of the resin, if not thick then it should be OK. After only 1 month the resin should not be bad unless it sat on the shelf for a few months before you bought it.Aloha,Kokua

I had a weird thing happen yesterday, pasting in a set of Future fin boxes. Had a gallon can of FGH UV sanding resin I bought about month ago, with about a pint left in it.

My usual routine, I poured about 3 oz into a 5oz dixie cup and carefully squeezed out 6 drops from a brand new bottle of catalyst. This usually gives me about 15 minutes before gel.

It was cool 85 degrees normal weather. An hour later, the left over resin in the cup was still running off the tongue depressor. 2 hours later it finally started to gel, 3 hours and it was solid but not rock hard, still sticky on the surface. The next day it has hardened sufficienty. I did a another test batch with the same routine and it gelled/hardened exactly as expected… wtf?

Howzit Bud, First off you shouldn’t use sanding resin, use lam resin since the sanding resin won’t bond to the futures box because of the wax in the resin. Next thing is it sounds like you didn’t use enought catalyst. I think it’s about 2-3 drops per ounce but not sure since I just eye ball it for small amounts. What happens with a test batch in the sun for curing, does it kick like it’s supposed to. Aloha,Kokua

woops! typo - I meant lam resin, I buy only lam resin & mix surfacing agent for hot coats.

thanks kokua I will see what happens with a cure in the sun. lucky there’s only a small amount left in this can anyways

The resin is Revchem Chemicals. Its not mixed up with UV hardener yet but thats how i was going to do it.The viscosity seems fine and its still green so ill strain it and give it a test.

thanks for the help.