Old School Glassing


I’m just about to copy an old 60’s longboard and I’m wondering what the normal glass layup was back in those days…? 2 layers on the deck, 1 on the bottom?? 6 oz? 8 oz? 10 oz??? The stick we’re copying is an old Cordigley made in Perth. She’s heavy. We like the weight!



Go with 10oz volan, 1 on the bottom with a cut lap and 2 on the deck.

I think it was single 10 oz Volan both sides, but 20 oz deck would definitely give you ‘old skool’ weight if you aren’t using heavier density foam. The really old glass was made by PPG (Pittsburgh Paint & Glass) or so I was told… and that may well have been 20 oz.but in one layer… squeegee hard!

**billly i glassed boards in queensland   right  through the sixtys 

early days it was cmon to do dble all round  10 oz trevano volane

but it did not take long to use 1 bottom 2 deck then as we faded the mal out it was 1 layer allround.

dble all round is ferkin heavy 2x1 may be the way if so reinforce the fin area


   cheers huie

    Howzit Billy, There were a few ways it was done but by different factories. I think a lot did the dbl 10 oz on both the bottom and the deck which means 40 ozson the rails. Then there were some that did 1 layer of 20 oz ( can you imagine saturating 20 oz ) and then there were a couple that used unidirectional or mat that was most likely Dbl 10 oz . All the pop out used unidirectional glass  Then in the late 60's and 70's we used 7.5 oz glass which made for a lighter board since we used 1 layer on the bottom and 2 layers on the deck. There may have been even more ways but those were the ones I used or were around. Aloha,Kokua