Old Surfboard Identification?

Hi new member here after having lurked for a while.  Just started surfing this year as a 44 year old kook.  Currently learning on a 9’-4" Dewey Weber Stylist.

Anyway, I was hoping someone might be able to help me identify a board I found shoved in a junk shop.  I liked the old fin style and if it is an interesting board and not truly junk,i might hang it on a wall or rescue the board.

I think the logo Says either “GE” or perhaps “GLE” surfboards, very hard to read.  Please check out the pictures attached.  I was hoping someone recognised the logo or the board.





I have a new hero!  I hope to be half as cool as him some day.

Yup, it’s an old, neglected, beat to hell Ole. What a shame.

Thanks for the identification.  This board would appear to be from the 60’s?   The Board is about 10’ (guestimate)


OLE certainly is a character. 


So do leave it in the shop and go on my way or try to buy it (for what $ range?) and do what with it?  Any ideas? 


I just hate to see it chopped up for firewood or sent to the local dump.

Ran into him in the water about 20 years ago on Maui.  I was just another mainland haole, but he and his Hawaiian brahs were more than generous sharing waves.  Struck me as a really mellow, nice guy.

Also remember him selling boards out of Seal Beach and Val Surf before he moved to the islands.


Correct. Probably early 60s


It looks really bad. At most, I’d maybe pay $10 for it and use as wall decor without doing any work to it.

And, anyone who used it for “firewood” would be an idiot, since there’s very little wood in it, but there’s a whole lot of toxic crap produced by burning it.

I’m currently restoring an Ole that is similar but in better condition, early 1960’s.  1-1/2" balsa stringer, 2 color resin panels, wood D fin, original glassing was 1 layer of 20 oz.  Glassing logo says “happy feet”.