Oldschool G&S Stringerless egg

So I was just doing some craigslist browsing and I came across this board…looks interesting. I can’t seem to find to much info on it. Anyone know anything about these old G&S boards? It looks sweet, I’m considering trying to pick it up soon.



Good luck with the resto, looks like it needs some work.

I'm surprised that it isn't buckled or broken

whoops...I clicked post comment twice

i think that board should be from iether 1970 or 71

heresone that i recently got done restoring, there were around 20 spots all around the rails that                                                                                                                                                                                 needed to be fixed but itsready for the water now

[img_assist|nid=1061584|title=stringerless G&S|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=67|height=100]






I recall the G and S “egg” thing coming along more like 73-74.

As far as the other comment about it not being buckled,etc… Boards from that period were made with denser foam, heavier glass, and generally ran thicker with a good deal of crown in the deck. All making for a bit more durability in the snapping and buckling department.

Oh, and here’s sdrepairman’s pic, done a bit larger.


thanks sammy i couldnt get it bigger cause im retarded when it comes to computers 

i always thought they stopped doing stringerless boards earlier than that but i guess you learn something new every day

G&S blew their own foam for those boards. As a high school kid in the ealy 70’s, the first board I ever “shaped” (if you could call it that, hand scrubbing with a surform and sand paper) was a reject stringerless G&S blank.

Many years later, Brimo the glosser at Channin told me he’d actually worked blowing blanks at G&S during that time.

sdrepairman, that G&S is beautifully redone. I’ve never done a repair job more than baby fin or rock dings so I don’t think I’d quite do this board justice nor do I have the time to fix a board up right now. But I love the look of a stringerless board! I really hope I get to surf one someday.