One Board to Fiji !?

I’ll be going to Fiji in two weeks and for various reasons (1. Airline fees, 2. I’ll just gonna be there for one week, 3. like to travel light (on buses etc.)) iI am intending to just take one board: Should this be my standard shortboard (6’3) or the 6’10 semi gun?

I heard there are some rental boards around, so could I rent a reasonable semi gun for the bigger days over there? I am thinking of staying at “Rendezvous” for some days and might go to the south coast afterwards…

any suggestions on Boards, waves, accommodation, itinerary, etc.

cheers Z

Aahhhhh, Nothing like renting a Indo backyard shaped gun you’ve never set foot on, and paddling into a 3x OH bomb!

I like your style. Take your gun, rent the short board lot less life/death

Better yet. If you take 1 board…why not take 2 boards, same price, same hassle. 6’10" gun? more like a BB Gun, or 22 cal.

Hi Resinhead -

I got distracted by the image in your avatar. w/o derailing the thread too badly, could you post an attachment of that wave. It looks like a big one. It’s too small to see but kind of looks like someone is taking off on the wave.



Hey EastPac,

Pickleweed Pt. Some place in San Diego circ. 1979-80.

pm me if you want the proper name of the break.

old crappy picture. Kind of a long way off shore & only a 300mm lens.