"One Day" Crazy 5 fin double win double concave 2 channel.....

Inspired by chipfish’s “one day gun” thread i’ve designed a crazy board that i hope to make.

Whaddya think?



“bullet the blue sky …”

terry fitz’s 80’s ‘driftas’ , mated with Aqua’s stingray and fitz’s 70’s screw driver tails , throw in a mix of D.V. Straalen concave bonzer rastovichism

well…I think “bullet” is less of a mouthful .

" If you build it , he will come "…

pretty sweet josh

i love that crazy tail

Thanks Chano!


noble quest lad…

proceed at speed

the record’s seven hours.

if you do it in twelve you’re still a contender

if you do it in 24 youve still done it

the world body will allow ya a 12 hr sleep and call it 24 hours o’ work = one day board…

we here at the underwriters lab are wit’ ya