one for the Aussies...

I hope this is not being too presumptious , but …

if anyone here has a contact for Michael Peterson , ‘Hicksy’ and I would be really keen to send him some shots of Hicksy’s version of his famous "moonrocket’', just as a “thank you” for inspiring us to think outside the square , as they say .

Any chance of a ‘private message’ to either of us with the details, please ?

thanks a lot …that would be very much appreciated !


Come on chip, admit it, you are just groupies.

Okay I admit it, I once shaped a tripple winger for the same reason.

Only kidding about the groupie thing, although I think you already understand my sense of humour. I sometimes wonder if anyone else does.

Catch a wave for me, and rip it like MP used to.


rip it like MP used to.

on his design… here’s hoping !!

how big / small was YOUR triple winger , Greg ??

and [the usual chip question ] …"got any photos of it " , by any chance ?? …I’d LOVE to see them !

If I ever made one , I reckon 6’ - 6’4 would be as big as I’d make it …


I think it was 6’6". It was about my fifth or sixth board. Late 70’s.

I thought I needed all the help I could get to surf better, so aimed high. It worked well and went fast. I do remember my surfing improving on it.

I also remember having photos, but I don’t have them with me, or remember where they are.

I don’t remember much of anything else these days, only what I need to. A few pics might bring back the daydreams, or nightmares!

Try Rhema graphics on the goldie .

Send them to Darryl Barnett at Retro Groove Coolangatta. Mick visits his store weekly to sign stuff and to hang out with his old mate. If you send them there he will get them guaranteed!

THANKS VERY MUCH for that info !!!