one for the keeboarders

… how do you stall for the tube ?


  I ask , because a kneelo I know is repeatedly outracing the tube.


  it is a sucky right hand reef break. Which gurgles on the takeoff , rather than having a ‘Box-like’ backdoor it section , option


  cheers in advance !



Place wave side arm into the face of the wave

The drag on that arm will twist you and cause fins to slide or release.

Your arm becomes the throttle.

The classic fin stall.

And if done properly

another weapon in the assault of Mother Ocean’s challenges.



  what size and shape is your kneeboard ?

What Matty said. It’s a beautiful, fluid move when done right, and feels/looks good right at takeoff.

You can also sit on your heels, like a sort of kick stall, but a lot less effective than a standup kick stall, and hard on your ankles.


My love is a Blast!

HA poor pun!

Blast = Bud McCray.

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Story in “all kneel and spray” tread.

So insane

I mean why would a shaper go so far outside the box?

A great guy, a great surfer and once you understand his limits.

You’ll understand why I’m a fan and rider.

Over and out

from “the always overhead club”…


Guy does it at 1:49



Right from the start,

I thought Stockton Ave.

Thanks for the flash back!!!

Owe’s Dis???

Olpharts on kneelos’

Rock on…