one fun new ride...

Designed this board for outside, walled up, punchy beachbreak waves I would normally ride a big guy shortboard or fun gun in, but would be looser and offer more paddle…after riding it in well overhead waves which were exactly that the past few days, this new board exceeds expectations.  Fast, loose, turns on a dime and holds a long carve.  So props out to Art Coyler of North Pacific Surfboards who just nailed the order to spec’s.

8’6 x 17 x 21 7/8 x 13 3/4 x 3, generous continous rocker, medium foiled rails, flat to double, front fins at 16".

Looks good, besides that ugly black thing in the back :smiley:

My kind of shape, I bet that is one wave catching, hauling ass down the line beast! Very nicely executed definite props to the shaper!