One Last Clark Blank...

So, I planned on shaping a board but then work got in the way of things. Now I have that one last blank (6’9"A) and I was looking for some input. I am going to take the blank to a local shaper because I don’t want to butcher that one last clark and I would like to go in with some ideas. I want this board for larger days around San Diego. Some background info: I will most likley be buying a 6’6" 19.25" 2.75" round pin Merrick Black Beauty this weekend. I am 6’2" 195 lbs. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Good luck to all of you shapers and glassers out there, my heart goes out to you.

i would shape a 70’s single fin pin tail. that blank doesnt really have a lot of rocker so something like that would work out good.

most people would tell you to build a fish out of that but if you want to ride the board in some size you migh have problems.

the one thing that really comes to mind is a 6’8 webber ski. it was one of the first shortboards and it would be kind of fitting. i can get some dimensions if you want.

That blank just screams 6’6" fish to me. Not going to be a 2xOH board for you, but you should consider it anyway.

Oh, also - make the board yourself. Don’t change your plan, now is your chance!

i have a 6’2" fish and would love the larger fish…but i really would love a single or a bonzer set up…part of my reason is that i want to give shapers business right now, but soon i will get another blank eps or walker and definitely go at it…by the way the best place in the world for those fish are right in front of your house, wonder why?