one last tinting question...

i was just thinking about this, since its a shortboard i plan on doing a double layer of 4 oz on top. then i though, well how do i cut the first laty i put on the deck? should i just cut it after it gells just like the other top layer? i dont understand. also i was thinking, should i just do a single layer resin tinted, and then a clear layer over it. this is the only thing im stumbling on. normally i cut the first layer of 4 oz so it end as the rail, but if i do this ull be able to see it. help me out fellas… dj

i am also debating wether to do a tinted layer, and then clear over that. anyone know the results? if doing a double layer tinted top, must the cuts be the same? meaning the laps are the same length, not one to the bottom of the rail, and the other wrapping under???

im pretty sure that would make a visible line due to there being more resin there. only if someone would answer…

The glassing sequence and tint use depend on where you want the tint to be. Most times, the color goes on one side and the rail lap. Suggest color a single lam then add the deck glass clear later. The deck glass need not be taped, but can be freelapped to about a half or three-quarter inch from the rail. Now, if you only want part of the deck or bottom tinted, such as to the lap line, the best bet is to airbrush it. There are other ways: use a foam brush from the hardware store or squeegee a thin coat of colored resin on. Both these latter choices may not yield an even color, it depends on the color you want to lam. Dark colors and tints require a very finely finished surface. Any little nicks and gouges will collect more resin which will show up. Yellow is the easiest, reds and blues require a nicely shaped and sanded blank.

yeah im aware… so r u saying if i would to do an orange resin tint on both sides, the smart process would be, tape deck off, glass bottom, then cut laps when gelling. then tape bottom off, then glass top, then cut laps when gelling. then take another sheet of cloth, this time clear, and mlam it on the deck, with reg laps, this is what i was thinking, anyone else?? want tom reassure me

I’ve had absolutely no problem with laminating both layers on the deck at the same time with pigmented resin. You will, however, acheive more color saturation on the deck versus the belly, which can look quite nice. Just cut the bottom layer of glass as you would normally - where it falls just mid rail. If you’re doing light colors (with white it them - ie. slightly opaque)you’re quibbling over nothing - unless you like more work. I don’t Good luck!

////tape deck off, glass bottom, then cut laps when gelling. then tape bottom off, then glass top, then cut laps when gelling. then take another sheet of cloth, this time clear, and mlam it on the deck, with reg laps,///// yes thats exactly the way i have done it! it works well if you want the whole board to have the same color. you just need a small pinline over your cut line after you sanded. ive also found it very important to strain the colored resin thru a piece of 6 0z before adding hardener to take out any lumps and poorly mixed bits. seperate it into 2 bucket so you have the same mix for each side.

Here is a good method I use,you will be glassing three times.1)Mix and strain enough tinted resin for both side.2)Tape off deck,glass,cut laps when jelled.3)LIghtly clean up laps and tape off rails up to the lap line.3)glass deck with one layer using tint resin,trim when jelled.This called an “Inlay”.4)clean up lap line and glass the the deck clear using the freelap method.This is a full wrap under to the bottom.This is a good time to apply a logo between the layers.5)Hotcoat deck with no tape…paint resin up under to cover the lap mess.6)let it dry and flip the board over.Now you sand the lap mess down use course paper at least 80 grit…blow off any residue.7)Tape off rails and hotcoat the bottom,pull tape when jelled and thats it.It will need a pinline after you sand the board before glossing or speed spraying.This works good ,especially for beginners…no problems with bubbles or pin air.Also by using this method you can do different colors such as orange bottom with a yellow deck which is a great combo.Classic lightning bolt style.Hope this helped you out. R. Brukcer

Cleanlines, Is glassing one layer and letting it cure, and then glassing another layer on top of that as strong as doing both at once? I have heard that the second layer adheres only to the top layer already glassed on the deck and only adds weight without adding any increased structural rigidity. Not that I am concerned about weight at all. Just want to know if your method provides a long lasting bond between the layers of cloth on the deck. In the past I have glassed both layers to full rail wrap in order to avoid the issue of a line in between deck layers on the rail. If you use 6 oz and 4 oz, the glassing is not that diffficult. But if your method is structurally sound then what i have been doing just might be construed as overkill??? Your advice is greatly appreciated! Drew

Well I have never had any problems with this method but I dont do many potato chip boards.I use supergreen blanks and mostly 6 ounce glass on the bottom with 6/4 deck…the six is for the full overlap.The trick to glassing is mainly in the resin to glass ratio.Its worked for a lot of years but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion.It was a commom practice in the seventies when opaque bottoms with tinted deck inlays were happening.Jim Phillips taught me most of my glassing techniques. R. Brucker

Cool. Maybe then I am going a bit overboard with some of my laminations. Have to try some other methods and see how it goes. Thanks so much Drew

thanks cleanlines, and others. ive decided im gonna do what seems easiest, and tape off deck, lam tinted bottom. trim laps. then tape off bottom, lem it tinted, then cut laps, then throw another layer, this time no tint, and just let the laps hang a little off the rails, and cut it at that. either ill leave a little lap…or ill end it at the rail.prob just end it at the rail, and ill put my lam under the last clear layer of cloth. is it harder to lam a layer after theres already a layer of glass under it?? anyways, im glad i asked. i dont think its gonna be to hard. ill try and post a pic, sometime next week after i get my pigmenty in and i start the tinting!! dj