one last winter session from NS, Canada w a Firewire

Here’s our latest Surfdonkey episode from a few months back just to remind you of what really cold is like. Also we have a great excuse-a-thon. We had this subtitled for the Surfilm Festibal in Spain so enjoy the bilingual silliness.

And Lance is riding a Firewire for those who are intrested,



Great videos. Really enjoyable.

Keep 'em coming.

Thanks! I appreciate the note.

I think we’ll try out some gopro cams soon.


hey surfdoneky

nice video!! colder than holland for sure, any idea of the water temp? Ours goes down to 5-6 in winter.


And I thought we where surfing cold water :stuck_out_tongue: (5°C = 41°F)

Wouter, where do you surf? I always surf in Domburg.

Our water gets to effectively 0C. Lots of slushy ice in the water to paddle through occasionally and always snowdrifts to walk through in the winter :P.

Typically the deep winter hovers close to 1-2 degrees though.

You may be on a close latitude but that gulf stream across the Atlantic makes just enough difference.



Indeed, because we’re actually more to the north than you are :wink:

You’re approximately on the same heigt as balsa lives, it’s warm over there! (Southern France)

Mmmmm warm. Had we been able to make it over for the Spain Film fest I could have enjoyed that…alas maybe next year,