One more board pic post

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post a few pictures of a board I just completed. First one I have done for a friend (cost of materials and glassing ) Came out really nice and I’m stoked with it. A quad fish for a buddy in Rhode Island, used the 6’8"P clark blank which is great for this type of board. Right in time for East Coast hurricane swells

Thanks to all the Swaylockers for sharing their knowledge, tips and Aloha with us “backyard foam scrubbers”

Special thanks to my friend Tim Nolte for letting me use his shaping room and the endless stream of shaping tips, and helpful critiquing of my work, as well as the flawless glassing and helping me get the fins set up right, and Manny Caro of Mandala surfboards for the magic Canard Quad which turned me on to this design.

Jim N

that’s a real beauty of a board.that’s a lot better than my first board.where about on the eastcoast do you live?if it’s in new jersey maybe we can get some blanks together.

Thanks for the compliment JG, not really my first one- just the first one for someone besides me!

I’m in Virginia just above the Outer Banks. I usually get blanks from WRV (the Clark Distributor in this area) pay retail but no shipping, the only bummer is they won’t custom order rockers for backyard guys like me. For that I have to piggy back the big guys orders, Tim N, Scott Busbey etc.

Check with the shapers in your area they may well sell you a few blanks (this won’t work if you are doing alot or are cannibalizing their market base) Might as well ask most they can do is say no, they might actually give you some help. Great to get some coaching.

Did y’all get good swell from Irene ?

It was excellent down this way! She was a good one-no damage- swell up and down the coast-lasted a few days AAHHH just the way we like em

Good luck

Jim N