One Pass Router Bits

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Future Fins New Products

Excellent idea. I’d like to know how much they are. I’m still surprised there’s two bits instead of one though.


Sweet. I’m curious about price too.


Sweet. I’m curious about price too.

They said $80.00 for one router bit over on industry news.

Seems a bit steep to me considering when I was checking out probox systems they provided a one step router bit with router and install jigs for $25.00.

I know what you mean. I really like Futures and the foils they offer. But more importantly, lots of surfers around here prefer them. I’ve never seen a broken Futures box, but in all fairness I haven’t seen all that many compared to glass-ons. I’m sure it can happen if you hit it hard enough though. The worse one I have seen was a poly thruster FIBERGLASS side fin that snapped just above the base. The box was undamaged - but this was on a funboard or longboard so it had a little thicker glass too.

I don’t work for Futures. haha

I like ProBoxes also. I have install kits for those and a couple of other brands. I like the adjustability of the fins, if that’s a word. Pretty handy to fine tune your fins to the waves that day. I think you’ll like either. They’re both good.