One very nice stubbie...

Everyone who liked the MP stubbie should love this! In my opinion its even better than the MP!

On another one of my Morning of the earth crazes I found this! The board Steven Cooney was riding in Bali.

Around a year ago I was in Byron @ Ho’okipu (great retro surf shop!) And saw this board in the flesh and man it was good!

I like the yellowish-white tint!

Super cool!


PS… I’ve recently scored the Morning of the earth, full size epic book (not just the free one from the dvd) super Stoked!

yep, as they said , it’s widened , compared to the original in the film [see photos in your “Morning Of The Earth” big book , for a comparison]

looks fun , though…I bet Steve is wishing he still had the ORIGINAL one …with all the retro hype at the moment , I’m guessing he’d probably be able to sell it at a Mick Mock auction for a few thousand if it was in good condition ?