One way a guy is making cheaper boards...

Has anyone seen this instruction page regarding making a real inexpensive board? I found it on Surfline’s discussion board and wanted to see what others here think. Home Depot here we come. See link below. http:// If this still doesn’t open just go to and look in the community heading. Then go into a posting called “$35 board”. http://

We have something new going on up here in Oregon! An Oregon surfer has developed a way of making surfboards at the rate of $35 per board. It is a cross between styrofoam and uv resin. He calls them “Stybrids”. The foam core comes from any local builder/lumber supply store. These materials are readily available to any average Joe! If you have ever wanted to make your own board, but couldn’t afford the $70 Clark blank, try this. Your average blank price comes to around $8.00! If you are a beginner shaper and screw it up, throw away/recycle the foam and start again! I tried it and it worked for me!!! Best of all, this information is free! He is’nt trying to make money off of this! $35 board instructions, posted on the Oregon Surfpage’s Message Board, July 4, 2003 at 04:14:50 p.m. by Hank: “Here it is! This process took me 2 years to develop. I could’nt afford the $500 price tag of a new board, and I was bored with the old materials. This idea came to me while researching airbrush materials for surfboards. If you don’t follow the steps exactly as they are given, the job will not turn out. Don’t waste your time veering off the path. I already have and it would not turn out a decent board. Just stick with the menu and you will do great! Keep in mind, if you have never tried making surfboards before, your first few boards will not turn out perfect. Glassing is by far the hardest part if you have never glassed before. But I’m sure they will still be more than rideable! I suggest you research how to shape before shaping! Good luck!! Basically, you are using a cheaper and lighter blank, then coating the blank with 3 layers of water base paint. (such as house paint or anything that you can get your hands on that is waterbase, but water proof.) Materials: 1 gallon UV resin (fiberglass supply). Please remember, this technique is for use only with Solarez UV resin! Any other technique that lets the resin set up on the blank for over 5 minutes will result in a melted blank! fiberglass cloth foam blank (these can be picked up at any builder supply store. This is the key to the savings in cost! A Clark blank is over $50!!! A polystyrene blank is between $6 to $20! Either the white construction foam or the blue/pink foam can be used. I prefer the blue or pink foam because it is easier to shape and is much more tougher. I believe the new S-core is made from foam similar to the blue. Also a well known shaper in the area is making epoxy boards with these blanks straight from the factory that produces construction materials. I pick mine up at any building supply store. In order to shape the rocker and curvature of the board, you need to pre-form the blank by adding layers of foam. I will make mine by using 2 or 3 layers of foam. (3 or 4 one inch thick sheets or 2 two inch thick sheets) Many epoxy board companies do this with a water based glue- but It can take a while to set up. Keep the glue “short” of the planshape, otherwise you will have to shape where the glue holds the foam together and it can be a pain! Once you have your desired shape, You bust out the paint! I just use white latex house paint. You need 3 coats. Less than 3, the resin soaks through and bubbles. More than 3 is just added weight. After painting you need to let it fully cure. Don’t set it in the sun or the paint will bubble! I let my shapes sit for at least a week in my shed. If it does not get a chance to cure, after glassing you will develop bubbles and delaminate under hot weather. When it is cured, it’s time to glass! With your typical traditional way, the board can be glassed one side at a time. But with this method, I suggest you piece it out. Especially if you have never glassed before! Work in about 3 foot sections. Glassers might think this is a no-no, but with uv resin you can do it. (and it is worth the money you will save!) Lay the cloth, cut it to size, squeegee it out at about 3 feet, put down the squeegee, and step outside in the sunshine with it. That section will cure in about 30 seconds to a minute. Do the next section, and so on. After both sides are glassed, follow your typical board making techniques! The unorthidox part is over! If you want to install a leash plug or fin system, you will need to use epoxy for those parts. I have made over a dozen boards using this method. It works if you follow exactly as I have written it. But be careful! At times I would get lazy or try taking a shortcut- then boom! You get a bubble or parts of the foam melts. I suggest going in on it with friends to cut down the costs. I found I can get about 2 or 3 boards per gallon of resin. I have a full quiver of 8 boards for all kinds of conditions. All these together cost less than one of your boards. And no they haven’t delaminated yet. You don’t think they will hold up? I surf in Oregon, not California. Think about that one. Will it hold in an overhead session? I haven’t snapped one yet. Let’s do the math: Snapped board at… Old School Traditional= $400 & up Stybrid= $35 Here’s another way of looking at it: You could make 12 boards for the cost of one old school traditional! No contest! Stybrid wins! Just follow the directions, take your time, and ride the Hell out of it! I should probably throw this in too. These boards can weigh almost a third less than old school boards too! It just depends on how you want to glass it- heavy or light. Since December, I began routering the mid section, creating lengthwise air strips that formed pockets before I layered the foam. These lengthwise strips ran from the nose to tail. I would trace out a rough line of my planshape, router it with a 1/2 inch bit about 3/4 inch deep. I would make 5 strips starting about where my chest came and stopping about a foot before the tail. No snapped boards yet! Even if it does snap, I’ll just make another one. I’m sure the Salomon S-core people would love to get their hands on me before I typed all this, but I never found out about their “secret” blank until last spring. By then, I had already perfected the router technique. You just have to have an idea of how and where to “mow” your blank so as to not shape into the routered air pockets! One other tip: I use epoxy only when I have to. It does weird things to your body. When installing leash plugs and fins, I got to where I prefer the old school method. My leash plugs look like something off a mid 80’s Cleanline Board. I take fiberglass rope and saturate it, then stick it on the very tail, curving it upwards creating a hole for the leash. I would fabricate and glass on my fins, thus it is the cheaper way. Good luck!”

Put up the pics or no one will believe you.

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The only thing you are saving money on is a blank. I get blanks for fifty bucks, give or take twenty. The rest of the materials still costs me a hundred bucks, not to mention the sandpaper I use. You can’t make a surfboard for thirty five bucks. Post a picture and a receipt of materials and then maybel someone will believe you.

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