open letter to dr. Kro'se ?

although Your physical presence was not…you were represented none the less…the phyisical maniphestationz of yer thought processies were intriguing your supporters were in lament of your absence enough to make me wish your aquaintence… as a face to face kinda guy please try to stop by perhaps we can spy an alternative floating accross the sky behind my house…the surf’s rarely good but the location’s therapudeic and renewing to the eternal soul… I got lotsa alterative " impossible to ride "surfboards and perhaps Clark might go out with us…I’d like to show you a coupla boards I’m making but I will brooke no constructive critisism(sp) no matter how polite you try to be it may distort the inspired track I be following… cool stuff …daddiomente… adios Y Vaya con dios ambrose in waipouli… oh yea we would be in great need of mat imprinting as we arre convinced “THE LIGHT” is just beyond our perrifforal* vision… * conjugation of terrific performance et. al