Opinions on glassing schedule for my 9'6" single fin

Every board I gave built prior to this one have been high performance boards and have used 6oz/4oz deck and 6oz or 4oz bottom. On this board I am having a hard time deciding what to do. It is a 9’6" eps blank (I get eps really cheap) and want it to have some weight to it. Suggestions please???

What is your eps blank density ?

It is 2.5

I would do 4+4+4 on both sides.

Why 3 layers of 4oz, any advantage or disadvantage?

I think there’s some disagreement about this, but many builders consider more layers of lighter cloth to be a little stronger than fewer layers of heavier cloth.

Because I am a garage hack and not a pro, I try to adjust my processes to compensate for my inferior skill set.

For heavy layups I prefer to do a single layer of 4oz on both sides, clean that lam up and come back with another lam of 4+4 over that. If I’m doing color in the lam, putting it in that outer layer over a uniform surface of the inner lam gets you past the imperfections of the EPS itself. I also prefer to have a solid layer of glass under my logos, too - if I’m doing a logo.

But there are prolly a dozen other ways to skin that cat.

Thanks, it sounds like a good way to do it, at least it’s got me thinking about it.