orange spot

Hey I ran out of my usual nitrile gloves and found some latex hopsital gloves laying around. After using them, I saw faint orange tinted spots in several places around the board. Could this be from the gloves?

Bingo!-------Exactly.. Never use rubber gloves. Latex or Nitrile preferred. Best bet is to get a pair of the good ones from Fiberglass Hawaii and rinse them in acetone after use. Shake out and hang'em up. Here's a tip; Use food service plastic gloves to flip or handle freshly lammed blanks. Or the old standby "saran wrap". Food service gloves are cheap. You might be able to wash those orange spots off with a little acetone and a clean white rag.

     Howzit McDing,Mr. Clean makes some gloves that look just like the F.H. ones and I have used them and they seemed to be the same. One thing is I only used them a couple of times and then my box of them from F.H. came and I went back to them. Aloha,Kokua

Those gloves will leach color when exposed to acetone and leave prints.  No acetone and you can successfully use them.  Nonetheless, not the best choice, but will work ok if that is all you have.  Great for ding repair, but never try to remove resin from your hands or squeegee with acetone  and go back to your project or your going to leave marks. Furthermore those cheep nitrile gloves from wherever fall apart almost immediately upon acetone exposure.