Ordering Costum EPS blocks from home depot?

i’ve been searching the archives over ang over again trying to gather as much information i can concerning shaping EPS boards. i’ve already had some experience with XPS, but im switching over to EPS now that i’ve found it personally easier to shape.

a saylocks member by the name of ScottMucci noted the fact that it was possible to order costum blocks of insulfoam from home depot. is this true? i didn’t see anyone follow up on this, but i think it would make the whole eps proccess easier if i didn’t have to glue foam sheets together, instead i could just order say, a 6" thick block of foam from HD. i am guessing you’d be able to specify thickness as well as length and width.

so has anyone ordered costum blocks from home depot?

thanks for any help

This thread has a lot of info.


You can order it from Home Depot. I found a lot depends on who you ask at Home Depot. If you get the one person who knows what the heck is going on in the whole department your in good shape. Others can be pretty frustrating to work with. Go to the contractors desk. Mike

Depending on where you are located, google “EPS foam insulation” and find a foam place near you. Get them on the phone and get quotes for a block direct from them. Most places will sell to the general public. The less cuts you have them make, and the less weird dimensions you ask for, the cheaper it will be.

I got a 8x4x2 foot block of 2# from a local center for $130, and I picked it up the next day.

I have found this way to be easier and cheaper than trying to ask Home Depot employees for help with anything…haha. Like rooster said, they don’t exactly understand when you tell them you need 2# for a surfboard.

Home Depot EPS… I work at the depot and have looked into getting a block including getting the vendors phone # … Not that hard and calling on a price … I forget what size block I asked about but think it was one to make just 1 board …I wanted a thick board 3&1/2 inches …all my boards are thick … I got a price from the vendor but if I was to order it I would have to find out how much to mark it up … [not that hard either] but as I remembered the price would end up high enough to go ahead and get a blank from Steve Forstall or someone else … the price is not so great … for the H.Depot block … I can look into it again if you like … I most likely will look into it again anyhow … I need to write down the #'s the next time…

    Ever think of using the 1lb sheets they sell in the store ...I have ... thought about it ... Have to glass it sorta heavy I guess .. But "so what"     what do you all think about the 1 Lb Sheets ??? Whats the best glue??? I have read a lot of posts about it ... Tried to glue <span style="text-decoration:underline">XPS</span> before and it didnt work so good .. Used the styrofoam glue {Poly?} glue I think .. It came in a Caulk tube... .. OK this is too long .. Seeeeee ya...

Hey Hotcoat,1lb sheets works great for composites.If you are going to just glass I would use 2-3lb EPS.The best glue I have tried is Elmer’s Ultimate Glue (polyurethane).Look up (Benny1"s $14 dollar blank)-great thread

Step#1 Cut outline

#2 Apply a very thin even coat to one side of EPS sheet with a plastic spreader

#3 Mist other side with water and tape sheets together to the bottom of a surfboard 1.5"bottom 2"top

#4Put a lot of books,bricks,weights,ect on top and wait 24 hours

#5Make a big mess have fun shaping!

do a search for insulfoam