Ordering my first longboard, copy of takeyama model t





Hello everybody,

I am ordering my new longboard from local philippino shapers. I read online on what I ride and I think model t suits me very good. I need some advice on the size of the board. Because I havent ride model t before, I dont know how big it should be for my 83-85 kg and 187.

I rode before 9" log and I enjoyed it, but it wasnt the easiest i reckon because it was small. 

Also, if anyone has model t with similar size that you recomend to me, to make few pictures to send to the shapers as they didnt hold one in their hands. Just to see bottom concave, fin placement and rocker/tail ect :slight_smile:


Thank you for any contribution.


p.s. I thought 9,6 would be fine, but I have no idea why :slight_smile: