Oregon US Swayloholic in Sydney for half a day... This Friday the 21st...

Last minute kookyness, but can’t go to Aus, on my way to Samoa, and not try to get out of the airport and have a look at Dee Why Point…   Just googled this, “pictures of Dee Why point surf late 1970s early 1080s,” came up with a wide array of images, but not the sweet barrel shot that’s been burned in my brain since I was a kid… Ha!

My flight gets to Sydney @ 7:30am, and I leave @ 9:40pm, so I figure that gives me a reasonable window to get out of the airport and actually set foot around the city.

Anyway - if anyone is interested in showing off their city for lunch/dinner, gas money, etc…

PM me right away…   Yeah, yeah, I’m  a real genious to wait till the day before…   Ha!


Ah well, Talofa lava!