Original Thruster style board

If I was going to attempt to make an original thruster style board like Simon Andersons in '81 (?) can someone suggest a rocker profile for this board?. Length say its about 6 foot or 6’2 long. Ideally I would like to pick a standard blank and get it out of that. I know the rocker was low and the max thickness is near 3 inches.

I was fortunate to run across a series of boards Simon Anderson has just done replicating his original thruster design circa 1981. Most were in the 6’0"-6’6" length and were 19 1/2" wide, 2 1/2"-2 5/8" thick. I did’nt measure the nose and tail rockers, but if my memory serves me correctly, a lot of the boards shaped in the early-mid eighties had nose and tail measurements of 4 1/2" nose, and 1 1/2" tail rockers.

You da man Foamdust. I am guessing that Simons replicas are not a thick as the originals. I heard that the originals were more like 3 inches thick. Can anyone remember ? Im a big guy (220 pounds, 6 foot tall) but surf heaps. Anyone care to suggest a set of appropriate dimensions for me in this style of board?

I’m looking at my 6 footer from 1983 it is a Michael Baron and it is 19 3/4" wide and 2 5/8 thick. Very little tail rocker with a little vee off the tail. The fins are set pretty far back and the deck is pretty flat with boxy rails it still goes great.

Is ‘pretty far back’ an imperial or metric measurement ?

The first thruster I acquired in 1982 had the fins positioned, back fin 3" from tail, front fins 11" from the tail. The dimensions on that one was 11" nose, 19 1/2" wide, 15" tail, 6" squash tail. I still remember that board, rode really well, felt like I was riding something way ahead of its time.

With only 1 1/2" of tail rocker, was the fins toed in more than today or was those boards a whole lot stiffer? Secondly, Did the rocker still have that tail kick most shortboard have today or a smoother tail rocker? regards, Håvard http://www.earthlife.net/birds/flight.html