OT: length and time of noserides

OK, for sake of argument, let’s discuss length and time of noserides.

On a decent day at Malibu, or perhaps one of the longboard friendly breaks in the San Diego area, how long in seconds would a good noseride be by a surfer like Joel Tudor, or maybe one of the better local longboarders who knows his / her way around the tip?

How far a distance in yards would such a noseride be?

Related to this, if somone were to travel 60 yards at a break like Malibu, roughly how long in seconds would that take?

Additionally, what is the longest total ride, not necessarily on the nose, a surfer can get at Malibu?

I realize this is quite subjective, and noseriding is defined by different surfers in different ways. Let’s say that the nose is at least the first 20 inches, although I don’t really count it unless one foot is at least one or two inches from the tip.

Some perspective…


Men’s Surf N Sea Nose-Riding Results

  1. Joel Tudor, La Jolla, CA, 14.1 seconds over two rides, $1,000

  2. Rusty Keaulana, Makaha, 13.94 seconds, $750

  3. Josh Baxter, San Clemente, CA, 13.3 seconds, $500

  4. Ben Kealoha, Waianae, 8.71 seconds, $250

  5. Dane Peterson, Australia, 8.37 seconds

  6. Ben Lempe, Waianae, 5.11 seconds

Morey contest:

The climax of the contest came in a duel between Mickey Munoz and Mike Hynson. “Mickey Munoz got a phenomenal ride of 9.9 seconds,” documented Doyle. “Corky Carroll, a goofy footer, nearly matched him with 9.6 seconds. With their accumulated time, those two ended up winning their respective divisions and taking home cash prizes of $750 each.”

Longest Single Nose Rides:

Mickey Munoz, 9.9 seconds

Corky Carroll, 9.8 seconds

Terry Jones, 5.1 seconds

Complete cumulative contest results:

Regular Foot:

Mickey Munoz, 67.0 seconds

Mike Hynson, 66.3 seconds

Skip Frye, 62.6 seconds

Googy Foot:

Corky Carroll, 62.2

David Nuuhiwa, 53.0 seconds

Robert August, 42.2 seconds

http://www.legendarysurfers.com/surf/legends/lsc221_1965.html#morey-invi tational

What is noseriding?

Noseriding means different things to different people, and it is all noseriding. A cheater-five is noseriding to some people. Riding the upper third of the board is noseriding to others. I happen to have come from the old school and was brought up on Malibu. So I’m pretty spoiled when it comes to noseriding, as opposed to a peaky beach break where everything happens quickly and is over so fast. To me, Hanging Ten is noseriding and the stance is more parallel than perpendicular to the board. The advantage in being more parallel is you can control the rail to rail maneuvering to gain or lose altitude on the wave and then you can steer the board around and under sections and sustain a longer noseride, generally. You want to use a fore and aft stance, if you are in the tube. Then you can crouch down and duck through sections or accelerate and decelerate with more stability. Most things in surfing are a compromise. So you compromise or adjust your stance to best fit the situation and conditions

-Mickey Munoz


I think Takayama, or maybe it was Nuhiwa took a crew down to Costa Rica with the sole purpose of getting the longest nose tides possible.

Not sure but I thought they were coming away with 30 -40 second nose rides.

Never been there but a wave like Chicama, can take you a long way on the nose. Of course it helps if you weigh 140 pounds and ride a big heavy board too.


I read that in noseriding competition, ten over counts for twice as many seconds as five over. So a ten second five over noseride counts for ten seconds, while a ten second ten over noseride counts for twenty seconds! This was how the noseriding competition at the Noosa fesival of surfing was judged, if you can believe what is written in Pacific Longboarder magazine.

Around here we judge a noseride to be any ride on the front half of the board, and if you do it without bootees you score quadruple points, so I can claim a best noseride of 6 minutes and 24.9 seconds. Alright!


The longest noserides I have ever seen have been very long. But I wasn’t counting. But the longest noserides that I have seen in contests I was counting, and I actually have acess to the two longest noserides I have ever seen, they’re both on video. Longest: Tanner Beckett, Pleasure Point (his home break), 21 seconds. Combination of 5’s, 10’s and cheater fives. The second longest is Jimmy Gamboa at malibu (his home break), 10 or 11 seconds, hanging 10 the whole way. -Carl

Dale Dobson on KOST public TV 17.5 seconds, one wave. Oceanside nose riding contest


Around here we judge a noseride to be any ride on the front half of the board, and if you do it without bootees you score quadruple points, so I can claim a best noseride of 6 minutes and 24.9 seconds. Alright!

Well around here we start with what ever “record” Roy Stewart has set and double it for every cross step towards the nose and then add the seconds on the tip.

Beat that Mr. World Record!

Cool, thanks.

How far do you estimate Gamboa covered during that 11 second ride?

One of my best friends ,“Kim” won the nose riding contest at Malizoo this year…maybe you guys should seek her advice first.Herb


The 2003 Malibu Noseriding Championships had some long times.

I surfed the 220 and over div. to 3rd place w/ a 14 second noseride. Compare that to Slick or C.J. and it’s not even close. It all depends on the wave.

20 min. heats


  1. Chad Marshall 75.17 seconds

  2. CJ Nelson 68.23 (highest wave time28.59; only caught 3 waves)

  3. Jai Lee (Aus) 62.37

  4. Tyler Mitchell 44.31


  1. Chris Schlikenmeyer 71.25 seconds (highest wave time 24.62)

  2. Mario Quiros 54.99

  3. Bobo Douglas 45.19

  4. Steve Bigler 37.64

Heavyweight 220 and over

  1. Steve Cleveland 23.90 seconds

  2. Tom Trauntvein 20.79

  3. Skip Saenger 20.72 (highest wave time 13.98)

  4. Jimmy Gray 11.38

Eastern Pacific,

I am not a noserider but I am interested to know if what I read about ten over counting double time is true. Do you happen to know?

Regards, Roy


do you have the 04 result?

I’d be interested to see them.Herb

these are just Flip Cuddy’s contests. I don’t know where the current year’s results are. they always take a long time to cap the results. Sorry.


The Converse pro @ Malibu is today. I’m sure there will be big times.

ps - you should write that screen play

pss- Dale Dobson rides the tip better than most. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it w/my own eyes. The guy if one of the best, and I would imagine a nightmare to be in a heat with.


You’re right as usually E. I think maybe this is why I always have this penned up anger that I struggle to release peacefully,but can’t…writing it will help me understand it better as well.

…By the way,it was great meeting up with you and seeing Steve B. again.

…It’s funny how in our minds we think of people and what they’re doing,and find that it’s only a small fraction of that.

…Got Rincon so-so about waist to shoulder mid-day yesterday,made it back in time to go with my daughters/wife to the SB zoo(nice zoo! I was expecting something like the Santa Ana zoo).Later I took them down the pier for a meal/dinner.We saw some guys fishin’ and actually catching some Bonita…haven’t seen any in thse parts for years…nice to see that some exist.

…On my road trip down the coast I found a nice saltwater pond up from where the event is to be held.It seemed unspoiled and a killer spot for ???Did I say pond…sorry looked more like a lake…I plan on traveling to that spot to fish …just got to make bait before I head up there.HOPE ALL IS GOOD and say hi to the surf addicts for me.Herb

Steve Walden at the 2nd Tom Morey Invitational in 1998…25.5 on one wave and the most combined time …against Tudor , etc, etc Walden Magic’s noseride great

Please excuse me for mentioning this, but the ‘times’ recorded in noseriding competitions cannot be compared with those on video. Noseriding times in competitions are measured with a ‘clock’ which records ‘ten over’ noserides at twice the speed of other tip time. thus a competition result of 40 ‘seconds’ is quite possibly only a noseride of 20 seconds. Thus the scores are not really measured in seconds, and should be converted into points. It is very misleading to record rides this way. If I did the same sort of skullduggery with speed I would soon be told of my mistake, and yet this scam is part of a supposedly legitimate surf contest scene.

Please correct me if I am wrong, my information comes from Pacific Longboard Magazine.

Spectators lining Malibu’s world-renown point were treated to an additional spectacle over the weekend as the top men and women longboarders took part in a “contest-within-a-contest”—a specialty noseriding event in which competitors are scored only for the amount of time they spend perched on the front 18 inches of their boards. With Malibu’s long, peeling waves generally accepted to be the best on the planet for hang-ten and hang-five noserides, scores of 20-plus seconds were not uncommon as the surfers defied gravity on the tips of their boards. Kassia Meador used her local knowledge of the break to rack up a total of 28.3 seconds on two waves to win the women’s noseriding. Jimmy Gamboa, also from Malibu, won the men’s noseriding with an astounding 49.7 seconds on his two best waves.

Having watched Gamboa over the years at Malibu, it is interesting that he really does not make any effort to perch on the nose and only goes forward on his board as a matter of function. Seems like many of the young riders do everything possible to get on the nose on every wave and on the other hand I know people who wont even wax the nose as they don’t want to be tempted to go there.