OT*** Low rent surf trip help... Any South Pacific experience???

I’ve saved up enough milage to get there, but I want/need to figure out if camping/home stays is a viable option, super low rent surf camp. I’d like to make the most of my milage and time by staying about a month this summer.

I’m looking at French Polynesia, Samoa, or???  If anyone has a suggestion on a decent right hand reef pass…

I know it’s boarding on a fantasy request, but after hours online, it’s hard to keep all the tidbits straight, from all the pay to play camp/resorts…

Feel encouraged to PM.  My spare room up here in Oregon is always open to a fellow swayloholick…



You know, just in case.

I did open an read this thread twice now TaylorO.

Complete silence (of the written word).  Times have changed.

Wish I could help out.  Got nothin’ for ya on this.

Well, my internet “surfing” has led me to Samoa…  Got the miles, and there seems to be affordable low rent “fales” there, and decent waves.

Anyone got insights on Somoa?


I’ve been to Samoa. We stayed with a family down at Boulders. $40 Tala a night, three (huge) meals included. (US$ 17 I think) There were some deserted, average but fun reef peaks out front then of course Boulders, which is the only place on the island that handles the trades, but it need a solid swell to break.  From what I gather they got pretty smashed by the tsunami. I’m not sure if they have moved back down there. 

We were there in July, and although there’s plenty of swell at that time the trades are pretty bad. Most spots are blown out by ten every day. From what I gather right now is a good time. 

Yeah so you could try your luck hitting up a family near a surf spot, but that said I don’t imagine they’d be that keen to shaft any local resorts nearby. (The resorts are mostly run by locals.) You can get good cheap accomodation pretty much anywhere on the South Coast so I’d just save my sellf the hassle, fork out and stay at a fale. We stayed at Satauiatua in Savaii for a while. Pretty average waves there but it was super cheap and really nice. 

Samoa is pretty much completely unspoiled and uncommercialised. You could get round quite happily by bus. Spend a month or so there and you’d have the place pretty dialed. I’d love to go back!