OT: My old canvas board bag stinks. Help please?

I can’t let it go.  But it really smells bad and stinks up my storage room and everything in it.

It is an old 8-6 double Tracktop.  Canvas with some foam padding.  About 15 years old.  The zippers still work well. Unlike my much newer Kommunity and ProLite.  

I have traveled all over with that thing.   Slept in it on Baja beaches, slept on it at East Cape.  Stuffed 4 shorties in it for a trip to Cane Garden Bay.  Took it to Ecuador last Feb.

“I just caint quit ya, bro.”

So, I took a pump up sprayer with a strong chlorine solution and drenched it.  No luck.  Soaked in soapy water and let it dry for days.  No luck.  It is probably worth about $20 if I could find someone who really needed it and it was a windy day.

What do I do?  And idea how to salvage?

Fabreeze ??

Gallons of H2O2, good ol' fashioned Hydrogen Peroxide.      Destroys the offending organic molecules.     Then Fabreeze, as suggested.

What about lysol?  That kills most of the mycrobial stuff…


If that doesn’t work, try ISO Alcohol or DNA in a spray bottle…   Just don’t smoke / use flame in the area while it is drying…

Boil it…

dry cleaners


Like you do with smelly sneakers, throw it in a freezer overnight, kills all the bugs.