OT: Prescription Googles/Surf-Sun Hats

I have prescription diving masks, wondering if there’s any 'script googles out there. Hate to wear my glasses with straps. Hate to not use glasses as everything’s a blur.

Any surf hats (probably with chin strap) around? I’m follicly impaired (shaved head) and the Hawaiian sun will kill me. Saw an Aussie looking hat the other day - dark green/grey with strap. Looked kinda cool…



I saw them in the back of a surfer the other day… “surfing goggles”. Looked pretty slick… they’re polarized and they said that they can get them perscription too… I’m sure it’s not cheap.

I know someone who had prescription glasses made, they were called Spex or something like that. He said it helped his surfing a lot – but then he’s legally blind w/out lenses!

Patagonia makes a surf hat w/ straps, and I’ve seen others but don’t know who makes them…

i had a pair of prescription barz goggles, around $130, they worked fine but i felt dorky. without glasses i can see the swells, just not the peaks, but with the goggles i could see everything, they didn’t fog up that much. the amazing difference was seeing the expressions on other faces in the lineup, otherwise i am in my own little world. but they got sucked off my face and i lost them, i doubt i’ll get a new pair, i wished i had used a leash. i recommend them.


Murrays Marine company has a pretty good selection for sailing, kite/sailboarding related equipment. Lots of it fits surfings needs as well. A friend and sometimes participant in this bb (don’t know his current user name) uses them ans thinks they’re great.

I’ve been wearing soft contacts in the water for the past 20 years (can’t see anything uncorrected). I also scuba dive, and this allows me a better selection of masks. In 20 years I’ve only lost a lens twice. You develop a reflex to squint a bit when you hit the water and then they won’t come out. For the last 5 years, I’ve been wearing the disposible ones so it’s only $5 if you lose one. The alternative is to get the Lasik surgery, but give it hard thought if you’re over 45. Disposible contacts will always be cheaper than goggles/glasses or the surgery. One of the big problems with glasses or googles is peripheral vision; not good in crowded lineups.

I bought a surf hat this weekend made by FCS, the fin company. It has a neoprene strap similar to the Patagonia hat that was mentioned but has a smaller brim. I haven’t worn it in the water yet but it definitely feels like its not going anywhere when its on. The strap can also be pushed up under the hat when you’re out of the water. I bought it mainly for keeping the sun from drilling into my retinas during sunset surfs while I’m in Costa Rica early next month. As for your eyes, Lasik is a great long-term solution. Its incredible getting your vision back.

Ditto on LASIK. Had it done 4 years ago…the best $2,000 I ever spent.

Its a freakin miracle man. Hated wearing contacts and glasses.

I was an ideal candidate and after the surgery I was 20/15 in both eyes.

My vision hasnt changed since and Im 40 y/o now.

I hear you can get LASIK for a lot less mula these days.

I’ve got this hat, nice tight adjustable fit, quick drying nylon, I’ll be wearing it during those blazing summer longboard sessions. You’ll need to make a chin strap, or tie a thin cord or shoelace from the back to your trunks (my preference).



where did you buy the fcs hat?

if anyone has links to online stores, post more of them please.

I had an old Patagonia water hat, it was like a base ball cap but with a chin strap. It came apart after serving me well for about 3, or 4 years. Patagonia was not making the hats any more and I tried many different hats trying to get one that I liked. The FCS hat that I got came apart after one year. Patagonia is now making the had again, but you have to order them none of the shops stock them. I ran down and ordered one got it in about 3 weeks ago and I’m stoked. The only problem with the Patagonia water had is that it has no protection for your ears, but when it get cold I use a different hat I picked up in the Ventura Surf shop, it is called a Neo Cap. I had to cut the bill down on it. It was just way too long, but after I did that it was fine, except it gets too warm, unless it is real cold. So between the Neo Cap and the Patagonia cap I have it covered, my bald head that is.

Can’t say any thing about the glasses. I see just fine. Good luck.

Joshmosh - I bought the FCS hat at Quiet Flight in Cocoa Beach, FL

Here’s another hat option, haven’t tried it though:


Also I had a friend that wore goggles when we played water polo. They were marketed for racquetball players but worked fine in the pool. Contacts are probably cheaper and better.

Ride on,


anything with scrip is $$$$

I haven’t used these but here’s a couple of links

www.seaspecs.com they float!!!


Hi, I have a new surf hat I just launched. It’s probably the best out there right now. www.crossensurf.com.



Introducing the Crossen Surf Hat
• Sun protect your eyes and head = surf longer/better • Surf, SUP, Kite, Kayak, Paddle • Semi-rigid brim – NOT super-stiff • Stays on duck-diving/large-surf/wind • Compresses easily – stashes in pocket • Low profile center-release buckles • Lightweight, quick-drying, nylon • Non-chaffing nylon webbing straps • Chin straps hide away  • One-size • Hi-vis colors • Wave-tested around the globe 

Now Available Online


what’s missing is ear protection - lot of damage and cancers occur in the exposed ears, so why not have a model with the sun barrier fabric sewn over the two V straps to cover the ears? 

Icc is right. needs ear protection. I’d buy one if it did.

Thanks for your comments and interest, appreciate it. 

This hat actually is designed to cover the top 1/3 of the ear, no problem. Ear tops tuck in under the hat, then cinch.

I think it is a good idea to have a full-coverage option, and that design is currently in the works. Any color opinions? Thanks, Chris


I think it is a good idea to have a full-coverage option, and that design is currently in the works. Any color opinions? Thanks, Chris


I would like black.

Anyone remember Steamroller - the big Hawaiian who always went without a wetsuit at Malibu, and a bright red baseball cap.  Seemed like it was kinda his trademark.


Seaspec’s in Florida makes glasses/with straps, similar to the old Oakly specs with drain/air holes in frames—they make perscriptions for the glasses also.
Have used them in Costa Rica when the offshores blow and the backspray makes it so you can’t see on take off----great on my OC1 too, they’re polarized to boot.

Aloha, Randy