Outline/Rocker for Nose Rider

I’m starting a new project. I am thinking of doing a multi purpose Longboard that has the ability to nose ride. heres the rocker and outline…any suggestions on changes to rocker? (FYI im 5’11" 145 lbs…thats 185 cm 65.7 kilograms). one concern is also fin placement and wether or not to add sidebites.

grrrr…pics didnt stick…here they are

If you want a board that noserides more than anything, you might want to pattern yours after the Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider, which seems to be the one most people refer to. If you’re looking for a multi purpose longboard, I think you’d be better off getting a blank with a little more nose rocker and slightly less tail rocker. Speaking for myself, I can only tell you what has been working for me. I’ve been using the Clark 9’1"Y blank with what Clark calls the “bottom centered” rocker with good results. The nose is 17 1/2", 22" wide, 14" tail, rounded pin. The bottom starts off with a very slight concave, flat mid section, blending into a slight panel vee off the tail. The rails are low and soft from the nose till the last third which gets harder toward the tail. As far as the fin and side bites go, you could put in FCS or some other brands plugs and be able to see how much better it works with or without them. I’ve been using my board as a single fin, set in a box about 6" from the tail. This board allows me to get to the tip when I want to, crank it around a bit and get thru hollow sections, a pretty fun all around longboard.

Thanks alot, I think I will flatten the rocker just a bit. I am looking for it to be an “all around” longboard, but still want the ability to noseride. the last longboard I surfed, I went to toe the nose, the tail lifted up and I ate salt water followed by a board in the butt. What about adding a large front concave? would that help to stabilize noe rides with out slowing down the overall performance? sorry bout the dumb questions, just never shaped a longbard before and dont want to waste $200 in glassing a piece of "s"crap.