overhead cable management

anyone run their electrical/dust collection down from an overhead position?

I’ve been doing this just because there’s an outlet located conveniently over the racks

but have been having issues with cables hanging up on noses and tails.

does anyone have any guidance on devices/methods for cable management? is there such

thing as flexible and stretchable exhaust hoses?

I’m sure there’s pics on here somewhere of the Clark vac system, with the slinky hose and power

supply to planer coming from overhead. The slinky hose will help you, but you need to have some

kind of tensioner on your power cable like the Clark system to keep it out of the way.

foamez has the slinky hose…DO IT

I didn’t read the description closely enough. Dead on.

where do you come up with these images??? You always have a good one to post

Here’s the Clark system:



it’s a worn out BB meme, luckily no one else here at sways has beat it in to the ground yet.



This is the system that I use, except I have added a couple of extra blocks for the power cord. I also taped a lead weight to the power cord where it hangs down from the last block. This keeps tension on the power cord so that as you move around the board it keeps the cord out of the way.

The slinky exhaust hose works well, but after awhile it gets a little stretched out. I’ll need to replace mine soon.

I also needed to design an adapter for my Skil planer to easily connect it to the slinky hose. I had it made on an FDM machine out of polycarbonate, slides on and off really easily.

The biggest problem I encountered with this setup was where to put the planer between cuts so that the cables were out of the way. I normally hang the planer on one of my wall racks, or otherwise I disconnect it till it is needed again. Still looking for a clean solution to this problem. I was not able to use the nice metal holder that Clark provided with the system that does not fit a Skil very well.


Thanks for the pic of the Clark system.

Two things the pic doesn’t show: one is a weight (I use fishing lead) attached to the power cable at a point

about beside the planer in the pic. This weight has to be high enough that it never touches the ground, but

low enough that is doesn’t hit the pulley when the planer goes to the far end of it’s range. This weight is the

‘‘tensioner’’ I referred to in my first post. You want just weight needed to pull the slack out, not so much

that you feel it tugging on the planer.

The other is some kind of wrap to keep the power/slinky together (and this is a preference thing; some guys

twist the power cable around the hose, etc.). I like mine to be loosely held so the movement is more free, the

best thing I’ve found are little neoprene/velcro wraps that come on new fly lines (more fishing stuff).

That vac system was a great thing Clark did for all of us. The trap-door table alone was worth the money they

charged for the whole system. And they’d come and install it for you for free. Thanks, Gordon!