overwide longboard hybrid with foil mount?

hi everyone…

am thinking of a **multipurpose (mini?-) hybrid longboard **which should be able to do the following:

-be decently surfed (at least have fun on;) as an allround longboard by someone used to short boards like fishes and hybrids

-surfed with a hydrofoil in small waves (2 us boxes added)

-used also with a kite in low winds with a lightwind kite (brm clouds) (no problem with any board as long as rails are not too thick ) with or without foil

-used **with a surfwing like naishs **https://www.facebook.com/RobbyNaishUS1111/videos/394630474466828/    **with foil, but also in displacement mode **with a small kid onboard…a bit like ‘sailboarding’ aka windsurfing in the old days…:wink:

problem with the surfwing is, you need enough volume and stability to be able to get up on your knees/feet and get going with the relatively low power wing…most people seem to use short sups, but i don’t like paddles and rather be able to surf with style;), also wide is not efficient in displacement mode…superthick rails are the contrary of what you need with surfing and with a kite…and i just can’t drag around one board for each single purpose…


**so in a nutshell, not having much experience with longboards, what do you guys think about max width and volume you can pack into a smaller longboard/bigger midlength so someone with 70kg  can easily balance on his knees (kneepaddle) but still be able to surf it decently? **something like 7’5’’ - 8’5’’ x 24-25’’ x 3.x’’ x 80-100ltres…wide nose - slightly narrower roundtail - 2+1 and two usboxes for foilmount - lower rails to slightly compensate for width - thicker centre to get some volume in…does that make any sense? construction would be full carbon to keep it light and stiff for foiling…


cheers for youe thoughts, andi