Paddle out ceremonies

A good surfing mate of mine was killed in an auto. accident two days ago.He wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread in a few surf spots.I have offered to arrange this for Mick’s family.

Is there any set procedure to follow? Are there any fellow surfers out there who have attended a memorial paddleout and could give me some guidance? It would be greatly appreciated.

We had one of a dear friend this past July.

  1. Paddle out

  2. Form a circle

  3. Each of you speak about the good times that you had with

    your lost friend.

  4. If you have flowers or a wreath throw it into the circle.

  5. Have a good surf in the memory of your friend.

pau…aloha and mahalo!

You forgot the splashing Bernie!

pau…aloha and mahalo!

A couple of days after or before we buried my Dad, Bernie and I went out for a surf at our home break Shark Country. It was just me Bernie and a guy we grew with from the street we live on.

Well we were out having a great time in overhead waves and then Bernie disappears, soon after that our friend goes in and I’m out there by myself. I catch a wave and I don’t know why but my board just stops like I hit something, and I go flying off.

Anyway I paddle back out and sit there for about a half an hour waiting, but no waves. I finally get one and come in and I find out there was a huge Hammerhead out there.

Well I figure it was my Dad or my uncle watching over us. Probably knocked me off my board for fun too. I’ll never know for sure. I sure do miss my Dad and uncles and all the fun times we had growing up at Shark Country.

Aloha Harry:

Great story… Both you and Bernie must have a great and close family. I feel your mana. Mahalo for sharing.


On Thursday, January11th, late in the day, there were maybe 50-60 surfers out Pipe on a day with some 2nd reef sets. I was taking pics from the top of the stairs to the beach; just east of the Volcom House. There were lots of waves and action.

Anyway surfer/shaper Joaquin Velilla was out, but he didn’t show up after sundown.

There was a huge search that lasted almost a week. Coast Guard helo’s and a plane and a Coast Guard ship. They finally called it off. Later the following week there was a memorial service at Ehukai; then surfers paddled out and formed a circle. Here’s a pic.

John Brewer

Thanks for all your input, especially Bernie. The ceremony went really well and was appreciated by the family.A number of his friends are into uke. playing and they played and we sang Mick’s songs when we returned to shore.Even so far away from Hawaii the ceremony was quite spiritual and would have been exactly what Mick wanted. Photos appeared in two local newspapers in the days following the ceremony.

Thanks again to those who found time to reply.

Aloha from Hally.