Paddle speed: 6'4" x 18-1/2 X 2-5/16 VS. 6"3 x 19-1/8 X 2-5/16???

Hi- Could someone please tell me the difference in “laymans” terms how much more float one board should have over the other? It seems to me that my 6’3" is a lot easier to catch waves and make the drop (in bigger/steeper waves) than my 6’4". I’m wondering if this is more of a mental thing or if the volume of the 6’3" would provide a substantial amount of more paddle speed. I understand that tail width, nose width, and rocker could all make a difference, but I was hoping to get a rough idea knowing that both boards have a typical shortboard shape.


hey aussie

form my limited experience

for me i find that firstly a slightly wider outline catches waves better

and a bit more volume under the chest seems to allow me to paddle further foward on the board

have thought that possibly that is is from increased stiffnes under the chest as well

i would say that its the foil and rocker has the biggest influence

if the rockers are same(most likely these days)

the shaper may have left more volume in the foil under the chest

good for paddling into the bigger stuff

but effects turning

i have a thin 6 3 that paddles a lot better and catches waves better than a 6 10 mini gun

it is because of the flatter rocker with a fuller outline and more volume under the chest

In my experience, width=speed, both in paddling and riding. To a point, that is. I think there’s probably a ratio of width to length that generates maximum speed for all boards, kind of like the “Golden Ratio” of surfing!