paddleboard trip article

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just quickly… does anyone recall an article on a group of friends [the Malloys??] doing a paddle up some of the cali coast.

If so, could you please let me know the mag and issue…my mate wanted to see the plans apparently in the article… he wants to get a wooden one made .

thanks in advance for your help ! 


Don’t know about the artical, Im from OZ, was it in a U.S Mag? for big wooden boards talk to Roy, check the site at and try Paul,

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Yes, Joe Bark in Palos Verdes, CA shaped those those surfable paddle boards and I glassed them using Mark Tolan’s AST resin. The mag was SURFER and it was about a year ago. There was also mention of the voyage on the mag’s website. Hope this helps.

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found it ! …thanks for your replies…

It was in the December 2003 ‘surfer’ [ with ‘rasta’ tubed on the cover].

The article was called ‘following sea’ …surfing around the Cape Horn of the pacific’ , by Ross Garrett.

The plan I spoke of was actually in a MUCH older issue…september 1974 !! [which I also found] . That article was called 'a paddleboard for intimate coastal exploration '.

[The editor’s note at the end of the one page article says : ‘in the early 60’s Larry Capune paddled the entire eastern seabord, and San Francisco to San Diego on a specially designed paddleboard’]


Below is a copy of " A Paddleboard For Intimate Coastal Exploration"…

Below is a closer detail of the drawing…