pagey and the brown snake

Brown snakes second deadliest snake in oz lost a friend a month ago to a bite…another story

Pagey “rob Page” was at my house 6 wks ago he went out to the car …and when he got there it looked like water or oil was leaking when he bent down to check it out…it jumped at him and just missed i heard this loud screech from inside the house and new something was wrong…he had got out of the way…i drove up to shine the light on it and it was huge and fired up …pagey killed it with an iron spear…heavy if he had got bitten he would be dead as i live in the bush…yes we need to take care…as for the cats and the bells…it would be cruel to put the bell on…i have to do something…nature has no chance they are very ferrell…get there prey every time…take care anyone in oz in victoria…hope yopur ok and keep your pictures if the fires headed your way

Hey Cheyne,

Did U surf Pagey’s Bufo boards?



BTW , Dave Heady from Inflight,Seal Beach,Ca. says Hi.Herb

Hey Cheyne, lucky Pagey is cheeky enough and sharpe enough to dodge the brown and everything else he has , as you do. H.