Paging Mike Daniel

Howzit crew.  I haven’t been around much of late as life / work / etc. has me pretty tied up.  For some time, though, I’ve noticed crickets from Mike Daniel.  Anyone know how he’s doing?  I haven’t seen any mention of him in relation to Coil for a little while either, so it’s made me wonder.  Hoping all is well and he’s just busy.

I actually just came into posession of an immaculate used 5’10" Coil that was shaped by Mike.  This is the first board not made by me that I’ve ridden in over 15 years.  Long needed, and has me stoked beyond belief.   I would love to pick his brain about the shape, but also just miss his input here.  I’ve had his volume guidelines pinned on my office wall  for over a decade.  If any of you have access to him, could you give him a nudge?


Bumping this once and then I’ll drop it.



Bump again

I hope he is doing well???

Mike is one of the good ones!

Would you mind sharing the volume guidelines pinned on your office wall?  I’ve heard great things about coil - seems like Mike really has a fundamental understanding we all strive to achieve.

Howzit Pretzel,

Using the swaylock’s search bar, query “volume algorithm” and you’ll find a thread titled “volume algorithm - avoiding the slater copycat phenomena”.  Mike posted his thoughts in post #9.  Those discussions can go all over the place, so take it all with a grain of salt.  That said, I have found Mike’s guidelines are spot on for me.