paging mr.j and speedneedle ?........supercharger reportcard.........

hate to bother you guys about it,but did the little fins work out for you guys ?

i’m thinking about starting up production again for the masses,but if your results are less that favorable,then it will be a ,“person custom design” from here on out.


and tell me what you feel and think…this is the only way i can get a general concensus.I



G’day Herb, my Josh dowling GTS stepup (GT Supercharged) goes great with the superchargers but the problem is that although I’ve removed them for the last sessions the stepup isn’t a good test bed for objective comparisons. I also increased cant 4 degrees before the epic thursday. But as I said I was travelling at such warp speeds that I couldn’t even tell the difference between the extra cant. Although I have used it twice since then there are big gaps between sessions.

from the stepup thread

exactly the same situation with Superchargers, assessing would be so much easier in a shortboard.

Here is a true story as to why I wanted them in the first place:

I’ve already posted before how I borrowed Herb’s board and it went so well for me at the Swayaholics camp some years ago, but here is the events of the next morning:

I got up shortly after dawn for an early surf, although I had my own boards with me the only thing on my mind was to taste some more Spitzer magic. Problem was Herb was asleep in his van and had not responded to my quiet enquiry as to his state of consciousness. Sensible thing was to go surfing on one of my own boards but I was desparate for another go on that supercharged board. Paul Jensen was up and knew Herb a lot better than me (I’d met Herb for the first time the day before) and I asked if it was a wise thing to bang on Herbs van and wake him up. Paul said something to the effect of go ahead and try and Herb was completely cool about my request to borrow his board, although he did of course want a surf himself that day and I got to borrow one of Herb’s other boards. Of course not all boards can have that special quality of magic and this other board didn’t have the special feeling for me like the other one.

I can’t remember if the other board was supercharged but I do remember it was single concaved. I’ve posted before on the big boy thread that I am a fan of the concave, however interestingly the magic board was flat - just goes to show the big picture is more important than subtle features. I don’t believe I am wrong about Herb’s board being magic for me, although I only had one session on it, it was a long session and a new board can fool me into being good for one or two waves but not a whole session. Herb makes good boards!

Hey Herb,


I held out for a long time on giving you feedback, and even now, having only borrowed MrJ's board, I can't give you an elaborate analysis.

My first impression on riding the supercharged board however was "smooth". That was in waves undersize for the step-up, but on trying it without the chargers, I found the same fins in the same board were more easily overpowered, too small.

The concept of the chargers as I understand it is that a slipstream is initiated, in which the bigger fin behind it creates less drag. This to me makes sense.

From that point of view I remain interested and I will stay with you in the pursuit of super-charger goodness. I think I should install some on my favourite familiar shortboard, which will get far more mileage than the borrow-time I am likely to get with MrJ's.



Josh, you suggested to me via email that I try the step-up in smaller waves, Ambrose on the step up thread also said (in his poetically cryptic way) that its a good thing too. But the trouble is I don’t - I wait for the waves to start smoking and jump straight on it. That’s confidence in your build Josh!

good of ya mates…thanks.