Paging...Mr.Stewart.......Paging. ...Mr. Stewart

Hello Roy,

I was wondering how much it would cost to ship one of your 13’ - 16’ boards to Long Beach / Los Angeles area. I understand it would vary, I’m looking for a ballpark.

My thought was…if it was affordable to me, that I would pay shipping on a board you might wish to donate to Swaylocks '04. If it is too much, perhaps others may contribute.

It wouldn’t have to be new, or one of the hyper speed boards. Maybe something you like the ride of and are willing to share, and of course long, heavy and tunnel finned. I’m thinking the group would enjoy trying something out of your creative laboratory.

If you aren’t interested in one person owning it, perhaps one of us could take stewardship, sharing it with swaylockians on the coast as the trial requests flow in.

With that large gathering of the openminded, just one outing, would to more to get your concept out, than a thousand posts…or maybe,…just be an outing.

It appears from your many posts “Roy rides what Roy likes” and doesn’t really care about any validation from anyone, but you might look at this as an oppurtunity to give back to the many members that keep your mind engaged so many hours.

Interest you at all?

Respecfully submitted, Gil

PS At night it could serve as an excellent bar, it is big woods camping isn’t it?

Alternatively, you might consider donating a tunnel fin to the raffle. Obviously you enjoy Swaylocks, and you could consider giving something back to support the expenses incurred by Mr. Paler (all of which come out of his own pocket & the goodness of his heart, THANKS MIKE!).

I need to jump in on Roy’s behalf. He made a very generous offer awhile back. His offer was not announced pending further details. Unfortunately, we couldn’t coordinate it in time for this year.

Hello Grunion,

I’m not sure about shipping costs for a 13’+ board, but I would like to donate a kneeboard. I am building a kneeboard spoon at present but will be selling it to keep the resin flowing! Hopefully the next one after that will be free to slide over your way. I will also put some wax aside for Swaylock’s when we pour our next batch. Of course as John mentioned I am too late for this year’s gathering, but we’ll get there!

Thanks for showing an interest in the boards, it would certainly be fun to have you guys giving one a go.

Regards, Roy

And meanwhile…I’ll try to recover the mid-90s 7’ single-fin balsa/carbon “seven of hearts” board from Japan and either have it shipped back to Roy in NZ or here to CA so I can try it again first!

BTW, the fin on that board looks very similar to the board that Greenough is shown holding in the end of the trailer to that new documentary

Hi Slim,

If you manage to get hold of that board you might as well send it to your place. By the way, there’s my favourite little 7’10" , the other part of that matched pair, also in a custom boardbag, floating around the US last heard of in the hands of Skip Snead (previously of Surfing mag) . If you can track that one down, then grab it. Skip just bailed with the board, it wasn’t paid for. Also if you are ever up in Bodega there are two ‘parallel profile’ balsa blanks up there at the 'Northern Light" surfshop. Those fellows didn’t pay for the blanks either, although they paid $100 towards freight.

Only if you feel like playing detective of course!

Regards, Roy

Hi Roy, I don’t know Skip but I can more easily check around from here than you can from there so I’ll get on the case. Bodega is a bit of a trip north but you never know, I may make it up there sometime too.

The board in Japan was last seen in the hands of the editor/publisher of the Surfaholic magazine. I don’t know if the magazine is still going or if he is in Japan or moved back to Brazil (he was brazillian) or who knows what. But I’ll look for him (he was a good guy) and if it was left in someone’s care in Japan, I’ll be over there in November and will look for it. Sorry for losing track of it.

No sweat Slim, we’ll see what happens, I had put all that stuff out of my mind but who knows? Nothing ventured nothing gained, just like George says on the trailer! Thanks for that link, it’s the first time I have seen a mat at speed, it certainly moves out, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Hmmm . . black elliptical cutaway fin . . .