Paging SR PATO or other friendly surfers

good morning


              will be in ventura  for sacred craft this weekend .  I  have only surfed c street and county line when I am down that way . Any other suggestions  ??   ventura harbor or oxnard ? I  usually  surf at dark  just before the sun comes up . Are the natives friendly and can I find these spots easily in the dark , I am serious , I know I’m asking  alot .  you can pm me if that works better or let everyone know where i will be at dark .   

                     aloha james




....JT is a good guy...

....Paging all Ventura people.....we need some help over here.....


thanks stingray


                   iv’e got my secret plan already for this weekend .  oxnard , c street  maybe county line . see you guys at our secret  plaskett creek getaway .


                                                thanks again james





Good Morning James,


I believe there is an expected SSW swell this weekend so, Oxnard Shores might not be the best bet. (Blocked by the Channel Islands.) The far North end of C Street- all the way at the top of the pay lot should pick it up. Also, Leo Carrillo down South and County Line could be fun. It all depends on Swell direction.

Disclaimer:  Before anyone gets their panties in a wad; I’m not outting any secret spots nor is this top secret information that I’m releasing. Just sharing common knowledge.

Let the bashing begin. :wink:


Mr. Duck pretty much nailed it on close locations. Leo Carillo (Secos) is kind of a drive from Vta. if wheels are a problem. But he’s right about the ssw coming. Keep in mind, the west winds kick up early this time of year, (10:00 am.) so if getting skunked, cruise up the Rincon Hwy (old pch) and pick a peak out. The “Troll” and crew will be out at Stables but they show respect if given. Get on it EARLY.

thanks guys , hope everybody gets some this weekend .


                                    getwet james